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Why Transition to Mobile Credentials

In the world of access control, a mobile credential allows you to authenticate your identity with your smartphone and use it as a key at your workplace, similar to how ApplePay enables you to make payments.


Mobile credentials have disrupted traditional access control systems, making it more convenient and secure for people to access their workplace through their mobile devices. With businesses moving to the Cloud and IoT technologies, mobile credentials are well-positioned for authenticating your access control systems.

Why transition from traditional keycards, fobs, and badges to modern mobile credentials?

Enhanced Security

The decade-old key card and badging technology used by many legacy providers have a lot of vulnerabilities. From lost fobs to stolen ID badges to cards that are easily copied and cloned, traditional access methods can lead to expensive breaches and major headaches for security teams. Mobile credentials enhance security and help add a layer of protection.

Mobile phones are one of the most secure devices on the market and cannot be cloned like keycards. Most smartphones require a passcode, fingerprint, or facial ID to open, and also have secured tools to keep communication anonymous and encrypted.

Two-factor authentication can be enabled, for areas that require a higher level of security, such that a user needs biometrics to unlock their phone via fingerprint or face ID to use their mobile credentials.

Digital badges on the mobile credential improve physical security by providing organizations with identity verification in addition to accessing events recorded in an activity log.

Communication with readers and Cloud is encrypted end to end with strong public key cryptography and authentication.

With communication tools built directly into the application, users can easily contact the right person in their organization to troubleshoot access issues, report problems, and give feedback.

Addressing security issues in real-time is not only beneficial for safety but also reduces costly security vulnerabilities and improves user experience.


Improved Convenience 

Additional security translates to additional hassle. However, with mobile access credentials, businesses can operate under enhanced security standards without sacrificing convenience. With flexible solutions, system administrators, as well as end users have the benefit of feeling safe and secure with a completely frictionless access control experience.

Employees no longer have to worry about carrying keycards with them, their smartphone becomes their key.

Issuing and revoking credentials is much easier for admins. You can integrate with multiple software applications so you no longer have to manage users separately. Everything stays updated and syncs automatically. 

Smart readers allow users with a mobile credential to open a door hands-free. It supports door unlocks by tapping, via an app, or by simply touching your mobile device to the reader.

Visitor management allows authorized users to create and issue temporary mobile credentials to visitors without needing to download the app. 

Remote unlock lets you open the door for a visitor or employee even if you are not at the office, or even in the same city.

If you have multiple offices, you no longer need to carry different cards, all authorized entries are stored in your app and your mobile credentials work for all of them.

With Apple Wallet and Google Wallet now users are not required 

Cost Effective Solution

The benefit of using mobile and cloud-based access control is that its often less expensive in the long run. In the case of mobile credentials, you will see saving in a few key areas of your security budget.

Mobile credentials reduce the need for purchasing, issuing, and replacing keycards, fobs, and badges.

All credentials are managed in the cloud, so you no longer need to have a dedicated physical server to manage. This eliminates the cost of maintaining and servicing the on-premise servers.

Thinking about making the move to mobile credentials? Get in touch with us to find out how Spintly’s mobile cloud-based access control system can work for you.

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