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Access Control for Education

Access control systems are used in a wide range of educational institutions, including universities, schools, and colleges, as well as daycares and student hostels. Various access methods are used to secure various spaces within the education sector.


It is critical to treat educational institutions’ security systems seriously since they are of public interest and serve the public benefit. Schools and universities, in particular, are scrutinized by the public because they teach one of the most vulnerable groups of people: children and adolescents. As a result, as part of the entire security system, schools and colleges must include access control in accordance with the appropriate legislative framework, as well as school safety, such as protection from outside negative influences. In terms of protecting students, video monitoring, security guards, and identification badges are the very minimum that a school may provide.

Security Access Systems

Security access systems, such as electronic locks, are becoming more powerful as a result of fast-evolving technology. These systems may digitally integrate multiple types of door locks into one high-tech, school-wide security solution using IoT technology.

Electronic locks include electronic keypads, biometric locks, smartphone locks, and smart cards.

Before gaining entry to a building, a person must enter a code on an electronic keypad.

Biometrics systems would require fingerprints to identify people with access to certain facilities.

Smart cards, on the other hand, are swiped to get entrance to the building by unlocking security doors.

Smartphones are used to grant access to visitors and faculties with multi-factor authentication.


Advantages of security access systems

Access control points are better managed:

When a school has many entry points, it becomes a headache to keep track of them all. They frequently suffer a security manpower shortage, forcing them to concentrate their efforts on high-risk locations. As a result, the other access points are left exposed and vulnerable to attack.

Instead, a security access system may automatically alert security personnel to any breaches or other concerns in real-time, allowing them to respond swiftly. Electronic security locks also reduce the need for large key chains for multiple doors. Schools might instead use a “digital key-ring” method.

Integrated with the existing systems to maximize security

School security is substantially improved by integrating electronic locks with other technologies.

Some security locks include dynamic mapping, which sends an alarm to security when an access point is compromised. Security receives the precise position, making it easier for them to respond to issues quickly or even contact police enforcement at the push of a button.

It's simple to provide and revoke access to members.

Students and staff members occasionally leave the school for a number of reasons. Despite the fact that most work is done to ensure that they have returned all school property in their possession, including keys, some manage to keep hold of them. Others may even duplicate the keys before returning them to the school.

It is simple to keep track of visitor movements within the school Area.

Because visitors to the school must be accompanied by someone with confirmed access, it is simple to watch and track their movements. This will help the security team to respond correctly and quickly to suspect visitor behavior.

Spintly Smart Access Control Features for Educational Industries

Spintly maintains your structure safe and adaptable. Access control can be used by educational institutions and daycares to ease verification at parent pick-up or to initiate a lockdown in an emergency.

Smart phone APP ACCESS

The Spintly mobile app allows users to keep track of their credentials and quickly open any Spintly-enabled door to which they have access.


Maintain control over your doors by automatically unlocking and locking them during business hours or special occasions.

Education Security Solution


On the Spintly smartphone dashboard, you can easily manage multiple locations and administrators throughout your facilities.


Spintly Remote Access allows you to lock and open individual doors or entire locations from any device, at any time.

Why Spintly?

Spintly is the most popular access control system for educational facilities.

Spintly is easy to expand to many sites, and administrators may give access remotely.

Spintly may be integrated with the tools you already use.

Spintly Solutions to Safeguarding Students, staff and premises

From definition and project management through implementation and maintenance, Spintly provides a full wireless access solution. In the education sector, we have developed long-term partnerships with our end-users based on our end-to-end partnership strategy.

Wireless Access Management

Seamless access control software that combines cutting-edge security technologies with the most advanced networking capabilities to deliver full-featured security solutions for Schools and Colleges.

Attendance and Time management

Spintly’s all in all cloud-based time & attendance management system is safe, reliable, hassle-free, and accurate. With such a system, the whole educational process is optimized and digitized.

Contactless Visitor Management

Spintly VMS provides you with a modern & effortless way to manage and track your daily School and College visitors. Now get rid of the visitor register at the front desk and switch to Spintly VMS, a platform that helps you create a contactless visitor experience.

Simplifying Access Control Systems

Spintly understands your need for a safe and sound security system. An educational institution should feel welcoming and should also be able to safeguard its students and staff from outside intrusion.
With Spintly’s Smart Access Control Systems, you can trust us with your security. We offer hassle-free, wireless security solutions for all your requirement. With a range of security solutions, including card-based access, biometric access, and smartphone-based access, we provide a complete security solution for your campus.

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