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Access Control For Manufacturing

Safety and productivity are two of the most important goals of many industrial production plants. Spintly understands your need for a safe and secure system. A manufacturing facility should feel welcoming and should also be able to safeguard its visitors and staff from outside intrusion.


A company’s competitive edge is what determines its success in today’s global marketplace. And gaining a competitive edge in all about controlling access to intellectual property, engineering laboratories, sales accounts, financial statements, and a variety of other data. Security systems may be found in almost every company on the planet. Keypads and employee credentials with magnetic stripes, barcodes, or RFID tags are commonly used to give access.

Readers generally respond in real-time, transmitting and receiving security information while waiting for access rights to be given. This makes it simple for security managers to keep security rights on servers and other remote, programmable devices, such as the keypad terminal, up to date. When a guard scans RFID tags or barcodes for safe access, a wireless Bluetooth equipped Spintly scanner or smartphone provides the guard mobility while maintaining the company’s high security.

Secure Your Manufacturing Facilities

Reduce the risk of accidental hazards and theft with Spintly Smart Access Control System

Security Manufacturing
Right People at Right Place

With Access Control, grant access only to the authorized personnel

Effective Labor Tracking

Your most expensive part of the manufacturing line is your labor. Track workers’ time and attendance as they come and leave

Reduced Operational Risk

Risk to life and labor injury due to unskilled and unauthorized people on machinery is very common Access Control System allows only authorized labor or personnel to the manufacturing line

Prevent Warehouse Theft

You can save millions on security and lost or stolen items from warehouses by adopting Access Control Security. Only authorized and verified personnel will be allowed inside your warehouse

Manage Manufacturing Facility Centrally

Access Control acts as a vigilante by being your eyes on anyone entering and leaving your Building. Have more control over your building by managing it centrally

Protection against Theft

Instant Lockdown and Unlock in case of a security incident Prevent Trespassing and protect your workers Integrate with your legacy system

Smart Access Control System for Manufacturing Facilities

Access Management

o User Management
o Remote Access
o Time based Access
o Role based Access
o Lockdown Emergency Unlock

Time & Attendance

o Attendance Reports
o Shift Management
o Leave Management
o Organization Reporting Structure

Visitor Management

o Scheduled Visitors
o Unscheduled Visitors
o Visitor Logs and History
o Contact-less Visitor Access

Access Methods for Manufacturing Facilities

To assist enhance total human and asset security, integrated solutions that layer multiple different technologies and operate in combination with a complete contingency plan are required to provide the most secure environment possible. As a result, Access Control is a method to seamlessly integrate these technologies and help the industrial production facility achieve their safety and productivity goals with improved efficiency. Biometrics, NFC, and Proximity Cards and Smartphone-based access are a few of the solutions available.

NFC Access

NFC Card

Streamline and Secure your door access control with NFC Cards for a hassle-free, convenient and wireless access experience.

Smart Phone Access


Smartphone-based door access control system is a quick and secure way of giving access to users. Use a smartphone to access the door, elevator and other barriers in a contactless and seamless manner.

Biometric Access Control


Use our biometric fingerprint-based access control to verify the authority of an individual seeking access to a physical facility.

Why Spintly?

Manufacturing is a sector where large sums of money are invested in machinery, raw materials, assembly lines, and labor. Security, asset and employee safety, and staff time management, including correct shifts, overtime, and timely compensation, are all critical for any manufacturing company. To meet the dynamic demands of contemporary industrial facilities, Spintly delivers highly secure, scalable, and cost-effective access control systems.

Spintly Solution for Manufacturing & Warehousing

Our cloud-based access control lets you monitor your building, factory, warehouse, and distribution center remotely and on-site with an all-in-one solution Protect people, property, and product Covid Solution – Implement Contract tracing and social distancing

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