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Spintly Technical Documentation

We offer all of Spintly Technical Documents you’ll need to get the most out of your system.

Only those who are permitted to be there are allowed entry into a building or workplace thanks to access control. For many years, the deadbolt lock and brass key that matched it served as the gold standard of access control, but contemporary businesses need more. They want a mechanism to monitor and manage access in addition to being able to regulate who enters via their doors. Keys have been replaced by computer-based electronic access control systems, which allow authorised users rapid, simple access while denying it to illegitimate ones.

Spintly Datasheets, Installation Guides and Software Manuals

Our cloud-based access control solution and smart hardware are easy to set up, integrate, and build a system of record that gives you complete administrative control. The definitive manual on how to select, purchase and install the ideal solution

3-in-One Access Control

Door Lock

BLE & WIFI Gateway

BLE PA Module

Smacc Outdoor

BLE Mesh Repeater



Spintly SG 01 Gateway unit Manual

Fingerprint manual updated 31-03-2020

Spintly SU 01 UNO unit Manual

Spintly Installation Guide - US

Door Lock Installation guide

BLE PA Module

BLE PA Module

BLE PA Module

Software Guide

Software Guide - Access Control

BLE PA Module

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