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Access Control for Fitness and Wellness Facilities

Spintly Redefines the safety and security in the fitness industry, Learn about Spintly cloud-based, contactless, and smartphone access control solutions for gyms.


Gyms and fitness facilities see hundreds of people each day on average, with ninety per cent of them being registered members. Paying customers are given membership cards, which are used to allow entrance and track sales and analyse daily traffic patterns, track time and attendance, and decide how many personnel to staff and what hours are best for courses and activities.

A smartphone-based access control system, rather than the traditional, time-consuming manual verification of membership cards, biometric or sign-in techniques, provides a faster and easier way of admission and attendance computation while reducing the risk of delays due to misplaced membership cards.

Spintly Gym Access Control System

Access Control for Fitness Centers

Gym security is strong without sacrificing convenience. Spintly provides dependable, touchless access solutions for any fitness club, whether you’re updating a gym swipe card entry system or looking for the most up-to-date mobile-based access technology.

Spintly Key Advantages for Fitness Centres and Gyms

The wireless access control system from Spintly for gyms, fitness facilities, and health clubs mean

Easy Access

With the touch of a mouse, you can easily give or cancel access to your facility from any online browser.

Flexible Access

It is simple to define 24-hour access or bespoke time schedules with flexible access choices. You may now provide access even when personnel availability is restricted.

Maintains Hygienic Conditions

Door knobs and access readers are the most touched surfaces within a building. Using a contactless access control system at your gym or fitness centres will prevent your staff and members from touching the doorknobs that are almost touched by everyone else. This safety feature is here to stay and moving ahead it will be used more and more to maintain the hygiene within a building

Smartphone enabled

This is by far the most important factor in the modern world where smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. We pretty much have the smartphone with us 24×7. Spintly’s contactless access control system supports smartphone-based access or wearable device based door access and makes the life of the staff who manages the gym member access much simpler. Access permissions can be easily managed without the hassle of issuing cards to members.

Advanced Security

Contactless access control systems can be programmed to limit access and allow only the authorized people inside. Access level can be defined and personnel with a specific access level can unlock a particular door. Restricting access can help in securing certain areas and limiting the flow of people inside the fitness centres and Gym

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Gym Entrance Systems that are Optimised and Integrated

With Spintly gym door access system, you can increase efficiency and

automate operations with a fully integrated gym management platform.

Prevent members who are past due from getting access.

With an all-digital experience, you can streamline your check-in and sign-up procedure.

By combining sign-up with access credentials, you can keep track of attendance and regulate class size.

Contactless Gym Access Solutions via smartphone

Spintly allows health club members to enter the gym using only their smartphones. The 24-hour gym entrance system may be put on outdoor entries, internal doors, and turnstiles to increase security and convenience.

Ease congestion in gyms with a wave-to-unlock function that allows for quick, touchless access.

  • Reduce front-desk personnel needs by eliminating bulky sign-in papers.
  • Extend the gym’s operational hours without adding more employees.
  • Existing gym swipe card entrance systems are backwards compatible.
  • Defend yourself against tailgating and membership fraud.

Access methods for Fitness & Wellness Facilities

Members can use your facilities in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look at the most popular ways for gyms and wellness centres.

NFC Access

NFC Card

Streamline your door access control with NFC Cards for a hassle-free, convenient and wireless access experience.

Smart Phone Access


Our Smartphone-based door access control system is a quick and secure way of giving access to users. Use smartphone to access the door, elevator and other barriers in a contactless and seamless manner.

Biometric Access Control


Use our biometric fingerprint-based access control to verify authority of an individual seeking access to a physical facility.

Benefits of Spintly for your Gym Access Control System

Blutooth Access Control

Hassle-Free Migration

Enable smart access control without additional infrastructure or wiring.

API/SDK Integration


Enable smart access control without additional infrastructure or wiring.



Scales naturally across multiple locations

Spintly Smart Solution

Access Management

Seamless access control software that combines cutting-edge security technologies with the most advanced networking capabilities to deliver full-featured security solutions for fitness centers and wellness facilities.

Attendance and Time management

Spintly’s all in all cloud-based time & attendance management system is safe, reliable, hassle-free, and accurate. With such a system, the whole process is optimized and digitized.

Visitor Management

Spintly VMS provides you with a modern & effortless way to manage and track your daily Gym visitors. Now get rid of the visitor register at the front desk and switch to Spintly VMS, a platform that helps you create a contactless visitor experience.

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