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Learn why Spintly Partners and resellers like our products and how they are so successful in serving their customers.

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Simplifying Access Control Systems

We’re on a quest to make buildings safer while also making them smarter and easy to access. That is why we collaborate closely with our Channel Partners to distribute our wireless access control solutions.

In addition to the Product and Solutions Good collaboration needs solid foundations, which Spintly provides

  • A robust, integrated solution that expands your portfolio
  • Extra income from a product that meets your pricing model
  • Spintly co-branded marketing and instructional materials
  • Always-updated open API and technical docs
  • From a single door to hundreds of sites, this is a scalable solution.
  • A product that is innovative and always progressing that can help you gain new consumers.
  • New features and software plans have a high upsell potential.
  • Out-of-the-box solution: simple transition from a demo kit to a complete installation

Why Spintly

Expand Your Company

Do you want to attract new consumers and keep the ones you already have? Make the move from selling on-premises access control systems to cloud-based access control systems. With BLE-mesh technology, deploy a fully wireless access control solution without the need for any wiring.

Increase the number of line items sold

Because Spintly connects with the IT solutions you currently recommend to your clients, it helps you stay competitive in the market. We provide easy-to-understand and sell bespoke installations with sophisticated analytics.

Provide a Solution That Is Future-Proof

As more businesses choose subscription-based IT solutions, you’ll have a chance to find new income streams. Spintly is a smart access control system that interacts seamlessly with the IT stack and any current applications. Regular over-the-air updates, sophisticated reporting, and intelligence keep Spintly up to date.

Spintly is a solution that you may practice on your own

The only way to understand what makes Spintly so strong is to try it out for yourself. If you get our Demo Kit, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Spintly Partner Advantage

For their IT needs, all organizations are migrating to the cloud. That is why our wireless access control system is so well received. It’s a long-term investment that works with existing systems and enables remote security monitoring. Furthermore, it is well-liked by all users!

Integrated Hardware and Software Solution

Spintly provides simple and user-friendly software in addition to cutting-edge hardware. Customers like Spintly's scalability as their businesses expand, and resellers appreciate Spintly's value as a long-term IT investment.

Strongest Integrations on the Market

Spintly has the strongest integrations on the market, allowing you to personalise access control, single sign-on, alarms, identity systems, visitor tracking, and more for your clients. Our open API may be used to create any solution.

Mobile Access Control of the Highest Quality

User friendly and easy to use app available on IOS and Android

Built-in Benefits

Spintly is a robust system that allows for centralised management and comprehensive audit trails. We're always striving to improve the platform and add new capabilities, which we make available to resellers so they can educate their clients and increase retention.

Become a Spintly Partner or Reseller

Become part of a wireless revolution in the access control world by enrolling as a Spintly Partner.

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