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Access Control Systems for Healthcare Facilities

An important element of healthcare information systems is access control. Access control for healthcare facilities refers to the process of implementing rules to ensure that only authorised users have access to a system’s resources. This requires that access to physical spaces is restricted and only authorized users are allowed access to those spaces.


Healthcare facilities and hospitals place a high premium on security. On a day to day, basis hospitals manage and maintain many patients’ medical records. They must also ensure the safety and security of sensitive data, corporate assets, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and employees and patients. Therefore, all types of healthcare institutions require access control systems.

Access control for Hospital

Benefits of Access Control Systems for Healthcare Facilities

Access control systems give a wide range of benefits to healthcare professionals in addition to security and compliance requirements. Here are a few of the most significant advantages:

Patient Record and Data Security

For healthcare facilities, keeping patient information and business data safe is critical. Health professionals are required by law to always maintain patient information safe. Not only must healthcare institutions follow the law, but they also have an ethical responsibility to protect their patients’ information. Patients’ trust in the healthcare practice would be lost if their personal information was leaked.

Furthermore, healthcare facilities’ computer systems often include a variety of sensitive data, including protected health information. Healthcare facilities and hospitals must take all reasonable steps to safeguard sensitive information from security breaches, and Spintly access control is a proven technique for doing so.

Touchless Access

Because healthcare facilities are frequently home to sick patients and viruses, it’s critical to keep “touchpoints” to a minimum. Through different entryways across the building, Spintly access control systems can provide “Contactless access.” In this manner, you can prevent germs from spreading and cut down on the amount of time you spend cleaning locations.

Appropriate integrations

Access control systems are advantageous since they make it simple for healthcare providers to interface with back-end systems. For example, Spintly access control systems offer a time and attendance management system that allows you to simply track when employees check-in and check-out time of work. This not only makes it easier to keep track of attendance but also allows managers to have control over staff for security reasons. Access control systems can also work with a variety of back-end applications and it’s easy to Integrate.

Physical Security

Physical security precautions must also be taken by healthcare institutions. In healthcare facilities, sensitive items such as medicines and medications, as well as medical equipment, are kept. These materials must be maintained in a secure location where only authorised employees may access them. Extra security is frequently required in sections of healthcare institutions to give access to just specified persons. For example, access control systems are frequently used to limit traffic in maternity wards, emergency rooms, critical care units, and other sensitive locations.

Furthermore, hospitals and other facilities with overnight patients or late-night shifts must do everything possible to keep patients and staff members safe. Spintly Access control systems can include high-quality locking mechanisms and other features to help decrease the risk of theft as much as feasible.

Spintly Access Control features for Healthcare Facilities

Despite the necessity for robust security systems and compliance with the law, hospitals have considerable flexibility in how they manage access control. Many medical institutions, after all, have distinct wards, patient units, and physical layouts, necessitating the purchase of a custom-designed hospital security system. There are a variety of access control solutions accessible to health care providers, which, in general, are determined by the hospital's specialty, design, and, of course, funding. Some hospitals continue to rely on manual security checks by personnel, putting a great deal of trust in security team members while erecting physical barriers to the outside world at many touchpoints. A member of staff, for example, verifies the visitor's ID and manually buzzes him or her in. Data from visitors must be manually recorded into a computer log. Furthermore, physical barriers may be connected to independent access control devices dispersed across the hospital, with no opportunity to monitor them all at the same time. However, as hospital security systems increasingly rely on modern electronic access control technologies, these choices are disappearing into the past.

Card-Based Access

Staff, visitors, and patients are given access cards that allow them to travel around the hospital as long as they have the appropriate access. By programming the card and connecting it to a person’s identification, it becomes easier to regulate who gets where. However, there are certain hazards since whoever possesses the card, for example, can circumvent the related barrier by “borrowing” it.

Biometric Access Control

Certain areas of the hospital are subject to strict access control regulations. Medical research laboratories and operating rooms, for example, deal with extremely sensitive data, and those who are allowed in must be properly recognised. As a result, hospitals use biometrics to enable access to restricted areas, such as fingerprint readers.

Multifactor Authentication Access Control

Spintly Multi-factor Authentication technology uses Biometric/Face Recognition/Password on your smartphone to secure Hospital’s Door Access. Spintly’s MFA provides additional layers of security to authenticate staff and visitors identities. At the same time, the user’s identity credentials like the biometric data are safe with the staff on their smartphone device.

Cloud-based Access Control Systems

Many of the components for giving access to cloud-based access control systems for hospitals are explained above. The ability to use a centralised admin panel for all access points, store data in the cloud without burdening the hospital’s on-site system, and integrate various access control options into an electronic platform that provides precise reporting insights by following what happens in real-time around the hospital are all integrative components of cloud access for hospital security.

Spintly offers a cloud-based access control solution. We aim to reduce the complexity of managing a wired access control system. With our BLE-Mesh-enabled technology, you can reduce your manual task of managing access significantly.

Why Spintly?

For visiting doctors, lab technicians, and volunteers, medical institutions can employ a variety of credentialing procedures and remotely given permits.


Maintain control over your doors by automatically unlocking and locking them during business hours or special occasions.


Spintly remote lockdown allows you to lock and open individual doors or entire locations from any device, at any time.


The Spintly mobile app allows users to keep track of their credentials and quickly open any Spintly-enabled door to which they have access.

Spintly Smart Solution for Hospitals and Healthcare

Access Management

Access Management

Seamless access control software that combines cutting-edge security technologies with the most advanced networking capabilities to deliver full-featured security solutions for healthcare and hospital facilities.

Attendence Management

Time & Attendance

Spintly all in all cloud-based time & attendance management system is safe, reliable, hassle-free, and accurate for hospitals. With such a system, the whole process is optimized and digitized.


Visitor Management

Spintly VMS provides you with a modern & effortless way to manage and track your daily patients and visitors. Now get rid of the visitor register at the front desk and switch to Spintly VMS, a platform that helps you create a contactless visitor experience.

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