Simplifying Access Control Systems

Truly wireless, cloud based door access control system for a seamless, hasslefree and contactless user experience.

A modern access management system which combines the power of cloud, smartphone and wireless technology.

Spintly is transforming the physical security industry with it’s fully wireless, cloud based access control system. It removes the complexity out of the process of deploying an access control solution in a building. With absolutely no wiring the installers can save more than 60% of their time and cost and be more productive. 

Our Vision is to make the built world smarter and simpler by providing a frictionless access control experience to users and to make the building smarter with our fully wireless mesh platform for smart building devices.

Smart Access Control System Features

Enabling Seamless Access

Door Access Control Sytem

Smartphone Based Access

Card Based Access Control System

Card Based Access

Blutooth Access Control

Works Without Internet

API/SDK Integration

API/SDK Integration

Daily/ Weekly Reports

Daily/ Weekly Reports


Wireless Access Control System

Wireless Reader: Supports BLE Mesh

BLE mesh allows access control deployments without any cabling, thus reducing wired infrastructure by more than 90%.


Proximity Based Access

Proximity based access helps you access the door without opening the app while you are within the specified range of reader.


Multi Credential Support

Supports a wide range of access credentials such as Bluetooth, NFC and biometric.


Easy To Install And Set-up

Allows quick installation without the need for any wiring and seamless set-up using a smartphone app.

Wireless Access Control System

Solutions for
Every Environment

Access Control System for Hospitality


Access Control System for Residential


A Paradigm Shift in Access Control

Eliminate Wiring, Labor Costs and Efforts from Access Control Installations

Wired Access Control System


Blutooth (BLE-mess) Access Control System
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Spintly Fully Wireless Solution

Fully Wireless Solution

Spintly Best in Industry Support

Best in Industry Support
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Spintly Seamless User Experience

Seamless User Experience

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Flexible Pricing Models

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