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Smart Access
Control System

A fully wireless & cloud-based access control platform that removes the complexity out of physical security.
Wireless Access Control Systems

Wireless access control system that combines cutting-edge security technologies with the most advanced networking capabilities to deliver full-featured security solutions for any type of business.

To secure their premises, businesses of all sizes need reliable, seamless smart access Management. Spintly has made it easier for many people to get to offices, hospitals, Institutes, residential complexes, and other places using smartphone-based access. Our objective is to help your organization choose the best access control solution, from entry-level smart card technology to advanced solutions like Spintly’s Smartphone-based access. Spintly cloud-based software simplifies the task of managing access to your users.

Multi Credential Support

smart phone access

Smartphone or
Mobile Credentials

Mobile credentials allow users to unlock doors or do a workplace check-in using their smartphones.


Support for NFC based Mifare credentials. Support for Prox will be available in Gen-2 hardware


Click to Access

A secure way to access the door. Open the app and click to unlock the door.

Tap to Access

Just tap your phone on the reader to unlock the door. No need to unlock the device.

Remote Access

Unlock doors securely from anywhere in the world with remote access.

Attendance Check-in Methods
Access Management

Access Cards

A fully wireless & cloud-based access control platform that removes the complexity out of physical security.

Two Factor Authentication

Spintly VMS provides you with a modern & effortless way to manage and track your daily visitors.

Tenant Management

Biometric Attendance

Cloud-based and wireless access control is a cutting-edge solution for tenant management that offers unparalleled convenience and security.

Advanced Access Control Features

Access Control Features
Spintly Workplace Access Control Systems
A fully wireless & cloud-based access control platform that removes the complexity out of physical security.

Why Spintly for your access control?


Wireless mesh technology

Experience swift and hassle-free installation, setup, and commissioning, minimizing both costs and time investments. Benefit from streamlined processes that optimize efficiency, allowing you to allocate resources more effectively and swiftly get your system up and running, all while achieving significant savings in both expenses and time.

Cloud-based platform

Bid farewell to the need for costly servers. Experience the convenience of remote system management through cloud-based access control. Harness the power of cloud technology to effortlessly oversee and control your system from a distance, ensuring seamless operation without the burden of expensive infrastructure.

Mobile SDK

Effortlessly access doors using your mobile device, eliminating the need to download additional access control apps. Streamline convenience and enhance user experience by seamlessly integrating door entry functionality into your mobile, simplifying access without the hassle of extra applications.
API Integration

API integration

Easily enhance workplace efficiency by seamlessly integrating your access control data with the third-party software applications employed in your operations. Streamline processes, improve coordination, and optimize overall productivity through smooth data connectivity.


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