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Access Control for Fitness and Wellness Facilities

Spintly Redefines the safety and security in the fitness industry, Learn about Spintly cloud-based, contactless, and smartphone access control solutions for gyms.

Spintly Redefines the safety and security in the fitness industry, Learn about Spintly cloud-based, contactless, and smartphone access control solutions for gyms.


Manage And Control Access To All Types Of Fitness and Wellness Facilities

Enable smartphone based access

Streamline visitor access

Get rid of access badges

Integrate with your back-end systems

Use data to make better business decisions

Spintly Application Customization or

Provide a customized experience to the users
Other than the Remote Integration API, Spintly also provides a mobile SDK, wherein the client can put the Spintly access control SDK into their own mobile app and start opening doors via Bluetooth or NFC.

Why should you adopt Spintly's Smart Access Control System for your FITNESS AND WELLNESS FACILITIES?

Smartphone-based access – Members will access gyms by using their smartphones, eliminating the need to carry any physical key or keycard.

Highly flexible – Control access to different parts of your building based upon the user’s membership tier. Instantly grant access to users or place new access restrictions with just a click on your smartphone.

Monetize access – Access to amenities like conference rooms, video-conference rooms, breakout rooms, or phone booths can be monetized. Maintain access restrictions based upon the user’s membership level.

Visitor management integration – Spintly can integrate with your visitor management system, allowing scheduled access to your visitors.

Quick onboarding – New members can be quickly onboarded by downloading the Spintly Smart Access application on their smartphones and providing some basic details.

Emergency access – In case of emergency, implement an instant lockdown.


NFC Card



Benefits of Spintly Smart access
Enhanced Security Against Unauthorized Access

Implementing a secure access control system ensures that only authorized individuals can enter the gym facilities. This helps in preventing unauthorized access, reducing the risk of theft, vandalism, or misuse of gym equipment. By using advanced authentication methods, such as electronic key cards or biometric scans, you can significantly enhance the security of the gym.

Membership Fee Management

Integrate the access control system with membership management software to automatically disable access for members whose fees are delinquent. This ensures that only active and financially up-to-date members can enter the gym premises, improving revenue collection and maintaining a fair membership system.

Real-time Audit Trails and Access Logs

Implement a system that provides real-time audit trails and access logs for gym entry. This feature allows gym managers to monitor who enters the facility, at what times, and for how long. Real-time access logs enhance accountability and security by quickly identifying any irregularities or suspicious activities, allowing for immediate corrective actions.

Improved Security and Convenience for Members

The integration of advanced access control not only strengthens security but also enhances the overall convenience for gym members. Members can enjoy a hassle-free entry process with electronic key cards or mobile access, eliminating the need for physical keys. This seamless experience contributes to a positive gym environment, encouraging member retention and satisfaction.

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