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Tenant Management With Cloud-Based And Wireless Access Control

Streamline access control for all your tenants
Tenant Management

Problems faced by the Property


Issues with Keycard System


Restricting Access


Security and Safety

Property managers are facing various challenges, with tenants being concerned about their safety when accessing buildings. Security and safety are also major concerns, as a single incident of security breach can damage a property manager’s reputation. Issues with keycard systems, such as collecting physical cards or paying for new ones, make granting or revoking access a time-consuming task. Additionally, it’s challenging to restrict access levels and grant different access to different tenants, especially for those who only require limited space.

Here are some of the benefits of using Spintly cloud-based and wireless access control for tenant management:

Tenant Management - FLEXIBILITY


Spintly Cloud-based and wireless access control allows property managers to grant or revoke access to their buildings remotely, from anywhere with an internet connection. This means that property managers can easily manage access for tenants, employees, and contractors, without the need for physical keys or on-site personnel.
Tenant Management - ENHANCED SECURITY

Enhanced Security

With Spintly cloud-based and wireless access control, property managers can monitor access to their buildings in real-time, and receive alerts if there is any unauthorized entry or attempted breach. This helps to enhance the security of the building and reduce the risk of theft, vandalism, or other crimes.
Tenant Management LOW COSTS

Lower Costs

Spintly Cloud-based and wireless access control eliminates the need for physical keys and on-site personnel, which can reduce the cost of managing a building. Additionally, with cloud-based access control, property managers can easily grant or revoke access for tenants and employees, which can save time and reduce administrative costs.

Improved Tenant Experience

Spintly Cloud-based and wireless access control can enhance the tenant experience by providing convenient and secure access to buildings and amenities. With this technology, tenants can access their units or common areas using their mobile devices, without the need for physical keys or fobs.

Easy Installation

Cloud-based and wireless access control is easy to install and can be integrated with existing building systems, such as elevators, parking garages, and surveillance cameras.

Smartphone-based access

Your tenants can unlock the door by just waving their smartphones. This feature is the priority in the post-COVID world where there is a need to reduce touchpoints and provide tenants a safe working place. You can also reduce your overhead costs as there is no need for keycards or any physical keys to unlock a door
Overall, Spintly cloud-based and wireless access control is a powerful solution for tenant management that offers a wide range of benefits, from enhanced security to improved tenant experience. By utilizing this technology, property managers can manage access to their buildings more efficiently and effectively, while reducing costs and enhancing security.

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