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The All-in-One Solution
For Access Control in
Multifamily Building

Our solution is built to make entry seamless, secure, & convenient for gated communities, apartments, condos and multifamily residential buildings.

Addressing Apartment Building Security Challenges

Your complete property access control solution which simplifies the access experience from your property’s front entrance to every door , gate and elevator throughout the building.

Unlock Your Property with Ease

Simply use your phone to unlock doors, manage permissions, and enhance security effortlessly. Experience hassle-free access to your multifamily property.

Effortless Convenience

Tenants receive unique mobile credentials directly on their smartphones, eliminating the need for physical key cards or fobs. Whether through proximity readers, motion detection, or app interaction, residents can effortlessly gain property access, simplifying their daily routines.

Remote Management and Cost Savings

Security staff can remotely adjust permissions and open doors, reducing the expenses associated with replacing lost physical credentials. This remote management capability enhances operational efficiency and minimizes downtime, ensuring smooth access for residents and approved visitors.

Integration with Security Ecosystem

Smartphone access control systems can integrate seamlessly with other security systems and technologies, such as surveillance cameras, alarms, and intrusion detection systems.

Simplify access with cloud solutions

It simplifies property management tasks by enabling easy staff management, virtual key issuance, delivery PINs, and entry photo reviews. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with your existing access control and property management systems.

Remote Accessibility and Management

Cloud-based access control systems enable property staff to remotely manage access control from any internet-connected device. This means staff can open doors, grant access to visitors, and monitor active credentials without being physically present on-site.

Seamlessly Integrates & Smart Building Capabilities

It offers the flexibility to seamlessly integrate with a variety of IoT devices, such as security cameras and alarms. This integration allows for the development of smart building security features that leverage system-wide data collection.

Scalable and Flexible

Our system provides scalability and flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of apartment and multi-tenant properties. As the property grows or evolves, the cloud infrastructure can easily accommodate additional users, devices, and functionalities without the need for significant infrastructure investments or disruptions to existing operations.

A Cost-Effective and Sustainable Access Control Solution

Experience cost-effective, sustainable access control with wireless mesh technology. Streamline installation and maintenance while reducing environmental impact.


Experience efficient, sustainable access control with our wireless mesh technology. Reduce energy consumption and installation impact while enhancing security.


Wireless mesh networks can easily scale to accommodate a large number of devices, making them ideal for smart buildings with a high number of sensors and devices.


Overall costs are lower due to reduced hardware and installation expenses. Additionally, wireless systems are often more energy-efficient, leading to long-term cost savings.


Mesh networks can be easily deployed and reconfigured without the need for extensive cabling, making them ideal for retrofitting existing buildings.

One Platform Total Control

Easily integrate with third-party applications through API and SDK, enabling seamless collaboration. Our integrations, along with our Mobile SDK, Video Integration, and open APIs and SDKs, offer a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs.

Identity Management Integration

Integrate effortlessly with leading identity management systems, ensuring smooth authentication and access control processes.

Intercom & Visitor Management Integration

Streamline visitor registration and access procedures by seamlessly integrating with top-tier visitor management solutions, enhancing security and convenience for both visitors and hosts.

Property Management System Integration

Cloud-based access control systems enable seamless integration with other property software like property management systems (PMS). This integration ensures that any updates to the tenant rent roll in the PMS are automatically mirrored in the system's access permissions.

Camera Solution

For enhanced security, opt for a wireless access control system with a built-in camera. This feature enables you and your tenants to visually confirm who is entering the building, boosting overall safety.

Instant Security Notifications

Stay ahead with timely alerts for peace of mind, enhance safety with real-time updates on residents and seamless visitor monitoring.

Instant Security Notifications

Receive real-time alerts for any unauthorized access attempts or security breaches, ensuring swift response and resolution to potential threats within the multifamily apartment complex.

Resident Safety Updates

Stay informed about residents' safety by receiving immediate alerts for emergencies such as fire alarms, carbon monoxide leaks, or medical emergencies, enabling prompt action and ensuring the well-being of residents.

Visitor Monitoring

Monitor visitor activity in real time with alerts for arrivals and departures, allowing property managers to maintain security protocols and ensure the safety and privacy of residents within the multifamily apartment community.

Our Trusted Customers

We understand that security should enhance, not hinder, the living experience. Our streamlined access control, video surveillance, and multifamily residential gate security solutions are designed to improve security without compromising convenience.


Our Range Of Access For Multifamily Residential Buildings & Apartments


Access Control for Multifamily Communities

Use Your Smartphone to Move Across Your Community

Gate Access

Open community gates effortlessly with your smartphone.

Clubhouse Access

Enter clubhouses seamlessly without physical keys or fobs.

Pool Access

Unlock pool gates for convenient entry using your mobile device.

Gym Access

Gain secure access to the gym with just a tap on your phone.

Tennis Court Access

Easily access tennis courts through smartphone-enabled entry.

Apartment Access

Unlock your apartment door with your smartphone.


Smartphone-Based Access for Seamless Entry

By implementing mobile access solutions, residents can eliminate the need for traditional keys and fobs. Instead, they can use their smartphones as digital keys, providing a more convenient, secure, and easily manageable way to access their multifamily complex. This not only reduces the risk of lost or misplaced physical keys but also streamlines the entry process for residents.


Eliminate Wiring Hassles and Extra Hardware Costs

Our cost-effective solution removes the need for additional hardware usually associated with other systems. We send feeds to any iOS or Android device without the requirement of running wiring throughout the building. Experience hassle-free, efficient security solutions, including fast onboarding for a seamless setup process!


Cloud-Based Access Management

Utilize cloud-based software for easy access management. Residents and property managers can conveniently control and monitor access permissions through a centralized platform accessible from anywhere. This cloud-based approach enhances flexibility, allowing for swift adjustments to access levels, addition or removal of users, and the implementation of temporary access privileges, all contributing to efficient multifamily complex management.


Real-time Audit Trails and Access Logs

Implement a comprehensive system that generates real-time audit trails and access logs. This feature provides a detailed record of who accessed specific areas and when, enhancing security through transparency. In the event of any security concerns or incidents, property managers can quickly review access logs to identify and address issues promptly. This proactive approach contributes to a safer and more secure living environment.


Improved Security and Convenience

The integration of mobile access, centralized cloud management, and real-time audit trails collectively leads to heightened security measures. Residents experience improved safety through advanced authentication methods, while the convenience of managing access digitally enhances their overall living experience. The combination of heightened security and convenience creates a more modern and attractive multifamily complex for current and prospective residents alike.

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