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Contactless Visitor Management System

A new way to keep your employees and visitors safe.

Creating a Contactless visitor experience.

Spintly VMS provides you with a modern & effortless way to manage and track your daily visitors. Now get rid of the visitor register at the front desk and switch to Spintly VMS, a platform that helps you create a contactless visitor experience.

Contactless Visitor Management System

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How it works

Scan the QR Code and start check-in-new
  • Visitor arrives and scans the QR code at the reception desk
  • Using the web-based self check-in page, visitor completes the check-in process
  • Visitor receives OTP for verification
  • Host receives a notification and approves the visitor
  • Visitor receives approval over e-mail and SMS
  • Visitor gets access to the door by scanning a QR code
  • Meeting
  • Check-out using QR Code or e-mail link

Spintly Contactless Visitor Management System



A fully cloud-based automated system


Fully contactless system for visitor check-in


Integrated with Spintly Door Access control System


Generate visitor reports and create audit trails


Works for scheduled or unscheduled visitors


User-friendly web-based Interface


Covid-19 declaration & screening


Host notification upon visitor arrival


Email/SMS notifications



Covid-19 declaration
& screening

Visitors sign the COVID-19 Health declaration providing details on symptoms, past travel and contact history.


Contactless check in

Spintly VMS allows a fully contactless check-in experience using a web browser based check-in process accessible to the visitors on their own device.


Host notification
upon visitor arrival

Host employees receive instant notifications on their smartphone which can be approved instantaneously, reducing inefficiencies caused during manual communication.


Digital Logs available

All access and visitor logs are captured and stored digitally on Spintly's cloud platform which can be used to generate reports and audit trails.

Traditional vs Modern VMS

Traditional Visitor Management System

  1. Manual Check-ins

Check-in is made on paper and pen-based logbooks.

  1. Non-confidential

It becomes a public document that any visitor can see through

  1. No identity verification

Visitor’s mobile number can not be authenticated in a manual process

  1. Complex Process

Verbally informing the host on the visitor’s arrival.

Modern Visitor Management System

  1. Digital Check-ins

It allows the guests to do contactless check-in digitally eliminating the paperwork.

  1. Safe and Secure

Visitor’s data can be accessed only by the concerned authority

  1. OTP Authentication

OTP authentication based check-in

  1. Notifications

Easily notifies host via SMS/email

Use cases

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Spintly’s new and improved contactless Visitor Management Page is now live
Visitor Management Page is now live