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About Spintly

Our journey in the access control space started when the founders visited a building management room and saw a wall full of Door controllers and the amount of wiring needed to deploy such systems. That day they decided to change the way physical access control systems are deployed and used. This led to the birth of a controller-less and a fully wireless access control platform from Spintly.

Vision & Mission



Build a brand synonymous with Simplifying things



Free the world of the clutter of cables and wires.

The Begining

The idea for Spintly took root in the last quarter of the year 2017. Right from the beginning, the two founders; Rohin and Malcolm, aspired together to build a product company that would solve problems.

It started with a quest to find the right problem; one that was concrete enough to warrant a solution and one that they could leverage their skills and knowledge to solve. They also felt that they should do something to give back to their country by tackling the brain drain issue of India’s bright minds. There was a lack of challenging technical opportunities in core product development areas.

Our Story

Spintly focuses on changing the way we do things and improve human efficiency. Spintly Smart Access Control technology helps you gain access to your secure spaces by simply using your smartphone and helps you get rid of your access control card.

Our products have been developed by a team of integrative thinkers led by visionary leaders. We firmly believe that quality and innovation does not have to come at a high cost. With this principle Spintly aims to develop high quality, innovative and cost effective products and solutions.


Rohin Parkar


Malcom Dsouza


Santhosh R

Chief Revenue Officer - CRO

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