Spintly Nuos

NUOS is the advanced door controller by Spintly with the highest level of security and reliability.NUOS is an advanced door controller by Spintly with the highest level of security and reliability. It offers a flexible and reliable platform for managing and securing access to your premises.


Mobile Access

Mobile Access

Spintly provides mobile-based access control for convenient door unlocking and workplace check-ins via smartphones. By using mobile credentials instead of keys, Spintly improves security and access management convinience for modern settings.

Mobile Access:
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Remote Access

Remote Access

Spintly's app enables secure global access, letting you unlock doors from anywhere. With Spintly remote access, you gain control over entrances using your smartphone, ensuring convenience and security.

Features and Benefits

BLE Mesh Connectivity gateway

Supports Up to 4 Spintly Smart Readers or 2 Legacy Weigand Readers

Spintly NUOS is a versatile access control controller that offers flexibility in reader compatibility. It can seamlessly integrate with up to 4 Spintly Smart Readers or 2 legacy Weigand readers, depending on your specific access control requirements. This adaptability allows you to choose the most suitable reader technology for your access points.

Cloud based access management

Cloud-Based Access Management

Spintly NUOS leverages cloud-based access management, enabling administrators to centrally control and monitor access permissions and events. Through a cloud-based platform, you can efficiently manage user access, track entry and exit activity, and make real-time changes to access configurations from any location with internet access.

Wall and Ceiling Mountable

Spintly NUOS is designed for flexibility in installation. It can be easily mounted on both walls and ceilings, making it adaptable to various architectural and space constraints. This feature ensures that the controller can be optimally placed for efficient access control coverage.

Encrypted Communication Between Spintly Reader to Controller Using AES-128

Security is a top priority in access control, and Spintly NUOS ensures the highest level of data security. It employs AES-128 encryption for communication between Spintly readers and the controller. This encryption protocol provides a strong layer of protection against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Product Information

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