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Spintly NUOS 1

NUOS-1 is a single door controller.
It has native OSDP support which provides the highest level of security and reliability. It is designed to be mounted on the secured side of a door, and configurable to make all access control decisions.


Mobile Access

Mobile Access

Spintly provides mobile-based access control for convenient door unlocking and workplace check-ins via smartphones. By using mobile credentials instead of keys, Spintly improves security and access management convinience for modern settings.

Mobile Access:
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Remote Access

Remote Access

Spintly's app enables secure global access, letting you unlock doors from anywhere. With Spintly remote access, you gain control over entrances using your smartphone, ensuring convenience and security.

Features and Benefits

BLE Mesh Connectivity gateway

BLE Mesh connectivity

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Mesh technology allows seamless and efficient communication between access control devices, ensuring secure and reliable connections within your access control system.

Cloud based access management

Cloud-Based Access Management

Spintly NUOS 1 leverages cloud-based access management, allowing administrators to control and monitor access remotely from a centralized dashboard. This feature provides real-time access control management, enabling you to grant or revoke access permissions, track user activity, and receive alerts and notifications from anywhere with internet access.

Wall and Ceiling Mountable

Spintly NUOS 1 is designed for easy wall mounting. It can be installed on either walls or ceilings, providing flexibility in placement to suit your specific access control needs.

Encrypted Communication Between Spintly Reader to Controller Using AES-128

Spintly NUOS 1 ensures the highest level of data security. It employs AES-128 encryption for communication between Spintly readers and the controller. This encryption protocol provides a strong layer of protection against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Local Storage of Configurations

Spintly NUOS 1 offers the convenience of local storage for access configurations. This means that critical access control settings and data are stored directly on the controller, providing redundancy and ensuring system reliability even in cases where cloud connectivity is temporarily disrupted. Local storage enhances the controller’s robustness and resilience.

Versatile Power Support

Spintly NUOS 1 controller is versatile and can operate with both 12V and 24V power sources. It can simplify the installation process and ensure compatibility with a wider range of power sources

Physical switch - Dry or Wet (12V or 24V)

Spintly NUOS 1 is equipped with physical switch accessible to the user to select relays to be DRY or WET conveniently

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