Follow the below steps.
For Android:
– Go to the PlayStore
– Search for ‘Spintly smart access’
– Download the app and login/Sign-up to use it.
Here is the direct link to download from PlayStore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mrinq.smartaccess

For iOS:
– Go to the App store
– Search for ‘Spintly smart access’
– Download the app and login/Sign-up to use it.
Here is the direct link to download from the App store: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/smart-access-spintly/id1462730510

Please send an e-mail to [email protected] for pricing details or visit our Get Quote page.

Yes, users can still use the app without the internet.

The doors can be accessed over bluetooth without the internet.

But certain features of spintly like remote access, user management, leave management, access history, dashboard etc. won’t work without the internet.

The app would require
– Android 5.0(Lollipop) and above for Android users
– iOS 11 and above for iPhone users
– Phone should support at least Bluetooth 4.0

Spintly app is most suitable for a user who needs to access doors. Use of a web based interface is not required. 

However, the Web-based app is more suitable for Admin users to manage other users. Admin can also use admin features with the mobile App to use basic management features.

No, spintly uses BLE (Bluetooth low energy) technology which uses very little power and does not drain your battery.

You can access the Spintly web-based application on your laptop/PC

–  Go to the website www.spintly.com .

–  Click on the “Login” button on the top right corner. 

–  Select “Smart Access Control” to proceed with the login 


–  Type the link  https://smart-access.spintly.com/ in your browser and login to the spintly web-based application

Remote unlock is a feature which allows users to unlock doors/gates from the spintly app from anywhere in the world. To use remote unlock,
– Spintly gateway should be online and connected to the internet.
– User should have stable internet connection on the phone
– Admin should enable remote access at the organization level and then he can enable it for each user separately or for a group of users.

User Access Management:

There are three ways of accessing the Door, depending on the settings given by your admin

(A) Proximity access: Open the door without opening the Spintly App. Place the smartphone within 1-2cm of the Spintly device to unlock the door.

(B) Twist to access: Twist your phone 90 degrees to unlock the door which you are close to. In this there are 2 modes. (i) Secure mode: Here user has to unlock the smartphone and then twist the phone (ii) Un-secure mode : Here user has to just activate the lock screen and twist the phone.

(C) Click to access: Open the door by clicking on the door icon shown in the app.

Note: For access to work,admin should have given you the necessary permissions. Also, bluetooth should be on and for proximity and Twist to access, make sure the app is running in background

Remote access features can be enabled by admin for specific users. Not all users may have permission to open the door remotely. In access history it will show who had opened the door remotely and when.

Leave Management:

Open spintly App
– go to the user console
– click on leave
– click on apply leave from the top right corner
– select the start and end date
– select the type of leave
– state the reason for leave
– click on apply.

Attendance Management:

When you access any door or gate which is designated as an attendance unit by your organisation’s admin, attendance will be automatically marked. You can also mark attendance using the GEO attendance feature for work from home situation or field visits if enabled by your admin.

It is an alternative way of marking attendance mainly used by work from home employees and sales executives to verify their attendance using the GEO location feature of your smartphone.
GEO- Attendance is a way of marking attendance from the Spintly app by capturing the users location from phone.
It is useful for the employees who are working from home or from the field.

To use GEO -Attendance feature, the admin of the organisation should enable it for you, then follow these steps.
– Open the spintly app
– Click mark location
– Click on check-in

Organizational settings:

To create an organisation, you will have contact the spintly’s installation technicians or drop a mail to [email protected] 

– Login to your organisation using your phone number on the spintly web app https://smart-access.spintly.com/ (Make sure that you have admin access rights),
– Click on the gear symbol on the top right corner – click on organisation settings then add all the details.

Custom attributes will be used to classify the users/ employees based on certain criteria like department, location, gender, employee status , designation etc.

Following are the ways to create custom attributes for users;
– Click on the organisation’s setting
– Custom attributes
– Add attributes.

User Management:

This happens because the user‘s login was restricted to the old phone. To allow the new phone to access to the Spintly app, the admin has to follow the steps:
– Login to the spintly web-app 
– Go to the left panel 
– Click on users 
– Select the user and disable the “Lock to single device”
(Note: Once the user has logged in successfully on the new phone, enable the “Lock to single device” for prevention of attendance fraud.

It is a security feature which when enabled restricts a single phone used for multiple logins.

Login to the spintly web-app
– go to the left panel
– click on users > on the right hand side you have two options.
A. Add user (single user)
B. Upload Csv (bulk upload of multiple users using csv/excel file).
– Login to the spintly web-app
– go to the left panel
– click on users >
– select the users to be deleted
– a small delete icon will appear on the bottom left corner
– click on it to delete the users.
– Login to the spintly web-app
– go to the left panel
– click on users
– click on the name of the user that will take you to the user detail page
– scroll down and click edit users
– Edit the details as per your need except the phone number.

No. It is recommended that you do not delete employees from the system as this will result in loss of data related to that employee. It is recommended to deactivate employees once the employee leaves the organization.

– Login to the spintly web-app
– go to the left panel
– click on users
– Select the employee you want to deactivate
– Click on action and then click deactivate selected users
– The selected user will be reactivated.

Attendance Management:

– Login to the spintly web-app
– go to the left panel
– click on attendance.