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Mobile Access Control - Ultimate Guide

This is the ultimate guide to mobile access control systems.

Learn how smartphone apps can unlock doors and save time and money with smartphone access control.

In this fast evolving world, technology has become an integral part of our lives. Physical and manual tasks are now automated with the help of technology. The most widely used form of technology is the use of mobile phones. We use our smartphones for almost everything,from waking up to an alarm to checking email to setting reminders about our daily tasks. Mobile phones have become a part of our daily routine, and it is almost impossible to live without them. Now smartphones can be used to replace something we’ve carried around in our pockets for decades: physical keys and keycards. We call the use of smartphones to unlock doors mobile access control.

Post Covid-19, a lot of importance is given to smart safety measures. Be it an Apartment or a Co-Working space, a Gym or an Auditorium, or for that matter any public space, people are demanding for a safer environment. One such technological development that is fulfilling the demand is the use of mobile phones for access control, commonly known as mobile access control.

What is Access Control?

Simply put, access control is a technology that restricts access to a particular location. Only a person with login credentials or a person who has been granted access can enter that location.

What is Mobile Access Control?

Mobile access control is similar to traditional access control, but it uses mobile phones to access the location. Mobile access control is technologically advanced and faster than traditional access control devices. It replaces the need for cards, access badges, and keys with a smartphone and smart devices.

How does Mobile Access Control Work?

Your smart device acts as a credential replacing traditional methods of using cards, badges and keys.

Some of the technologies your smart devices work on are as follows:

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE, unlike traditional Bluetooth, does not require devices to be manually paired. It allows the access readers to communicate with your smartphone without any hassle. BLE technology has a longer connectivity range than traditional Bluetooth, which enables access without needing to place your device closer to the reader.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

Near Field Communication or NFC is the same technology that is being used to enable contactless payments. NFC can also be used to communicate with readers, but unlike BLE, it does not support a long connectivity range. It has a shorter connectivity range of only a few inches. Not all mobile devices support NFC.

Benefits of Using Mobile Access Control

Mobile Access Control has a range of benefits over conventional access control solutions.

  1. There is no need to carry access cards, badges, or keys, as you have access enabled through the mobile phone you already carry with you everywhere.
  2. Mobile access control credentials are managed online, saving a lot of time and energy.
  3. You can track attendance, entry and exit in real time.
  4. Mobile access control is cloud based, which ensures a higher level of security.
  5. There is no physical contact required, thanks to technologies like BLE and NFC which enable contactless access.

Why Spintly Mobile Access Control

Easy Installation: Spintly mobile access control uses wireless Bluetooth mesh technology, which enables easy installation, set up and commissioning, saving time and money.

Remote Management: With Spintly, there are no expensive physical servers needed. Spintly mobile access control allows you to manage the system remotely using cloud technology.

You don’t have to physically be present to add or remove users or unlock doors for guests, letting you focus on other important tasks.

Integration Support: Spintly access control lets you integrate with other third-party software, letting you manage multiple applications under one platform, improving productivity and efficiency.

Interested in installing Spintly mobile access control in your building? Reach out to us for a Demo today!

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