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Spintly Smart Phone-Based Access

With Spintly, using your Smartphone as an access card or your key to open any door is easy. Just download the Spintly App to get started.

What is a Smartphone-based Access Control System or “Smart Access”?

The use of a mobile device (such as a smartphone, a tablet, or a wearable) to get access to secured doors, gates, networks and other services is often referred to as Smart Access. Our products enable businesses to address the increasing needs of a mobile-first environment.

Smart Phone Based Access

How Does a Smartphone-based Access Work?

Mobile access control is often powered by Bluetooth or NFC, which allows phones to communicate with a reader installed on a door. There’s no need to physically pair these devices. The smartphone automatically detects that it is close to a reader and starts communicating with the reader. On a specific intent from the user, the door unlocks seamlessly letting the person in. Bluetooth access has a notable advantage over standard RFID card technologies, which have an average read range of approximately an inch, while a secure Bluetooth connection can be established from a few feet away. Smartphones are very personal devices and are always with you all the time, so you are never locked out.

Key Benefits

User Convenience

Users no longer need to carry a card to gain access to facilities and may instead utilize their own mobile or wearable device. Employees can gain easy and efficient access to doors thanks to extremely intuitive features like proximity-based access or intent-based access.

Cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency

Administrators can generate, manage, enable, and revoke credentials over the cloud using the Spintly online administration interface or the mobile App. Admins can save a huge amount of time with a cloud-based solution. Customers can choose subscription pricing benefits from a more predictable cost because user credentials can be added or deleted at any time. This allows businesses to scale up or down quickly in response to changing business demands.

Higher Security

Spintly Smartphone-based Access is provided with a highly secure and dependable cloud infrastructure with a service level agreement for maximum service availability and uptime. Furthermore, the solution is based on encrypted technology and multi-factor authentication technology and adheres to data integrity best practices to tie each mobile ID to the device and secure data in transit and at rest.

Spintly Smartphone-based Access

Spintly delivers one of the best smartphone-based access control solutions in the industry with a seamless user experience. 

Employees may now use their smartphone, tablet, or wearable to access doors, gates, networks, and more using Spintly Smartphone-based access. In today’s mobile-first environment, this innovative access control solution dramatically enhances user convenience while also making your company seem more sophisticated and professional.

Smartphone Access Modes

Smartphone based Access- Spintly

Smartphone-based Access Control System

Instead of using cards, use your smartphone to manage your access control

You’ll have access, right from your phone

Easy to Use In a matter of seconds, you’ll be ready to go.

With Spintly cloud-based credentialing solution, you can quickly and easily grant Smart Phone-based access to employees.

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