Smart Access Control For Co-Working Spaces

Spintly provides secure and flexible access for co-working users.  Use your smartphones to get in and out of your workplace.

Card/Badges Credentials

Get rid of access badges

Smart Phone based

Enable Smartphone based access

Use Data to make better business decisions

Streamline Visitor Access

Integrate with your back-end systems

Use Data to make better business decisions

Use Data to make better business decisions

Spintly Contactless Co-working Access

Seamless smartphone-based access at every touch point

Spintly allows co-workspace managers to utilize the access control features efficiently by managing the physical access of the members remotely.

Co-working Space Access

Spintly Solution Features

  • User Management
  • Remote Access
  • Time-based Access
  • Role-based Access
  • Lockdown: Emergency Unlock​
  • Attendance Reports
  • Shift Management
  • Leave Management
  • Organizational Reporting and Structure
Contactless Visitor Management

Visitor Management

  • Scheduled Visitors
  • Unscheduled Visitors
  • Visitor Logs and History
  • Contact-less Visitor Access
Smart Phone Based Access

API/SDK Integration

  • HRMS Integration
  • API integration for custom applications
  • Mobile SDK integration
  • Website integration with customers’ own web application
Tenant Management

Tenant Management

  • Multi&nbspLocation&nbspSupport
  • Multi-tenant Support
  • Tenant self Service
  • Occupancy Reports

How it works?

Quick and Hassel free onboarding of users and tenants

Spintly - Co Working

Users/Tenants receive access credentials on their smartphone

Spintly - Co working Space

Users/Tenants receive access credentials on their smartphone

Access is enabled just before the expected arrival time

User gains access to the designated doors

Spintly Application Customization or Integration for Co-working:

Provide a customized Experience to the users

Other than the Remote Integration API, Spintly also provides mobile SDK, wherein the client can put Spintly access control SDK in their own mobile app and start opening doors over Bluetooth or NFC.

Why should you adopt Spintly – Smart Access Control System for your co-working space?

  • Smartphone-based access – Members can access the workspace by using their smartphones. There is no need to carry any physical key or a keycard


  • Highly Flexible – You can control access to a different part of your workspace based upon the membership of the user. Instantaneous access can be granted to a member and similarly, access restrictions can also be imposed with just a click on your smartphone


  • Monetize access – Access to a few amenities like conference rooms, video-conference rooms, breakout rooms, etc. can be monetized. Based upon the membership level of the user, access restrictions can be maintained


  • Visitor Management Integration – Can be integrated with your visitor management system, through which you can allow scheduled access to your visitors


  • Quick Onboarding – New members can be quickly onboarded by providing some basic details about the software and downloading the Smart Access application on their smartphones


  • Emergency access – In case of emergency, instant lockdown or unlock can be provided

Access Type

NFC Access

NFC Card

Streamline your door access control with NFC Cards for a hassle-free, convenient and wireless access experience.

Smart Phone Access


Our Smartphone-based door access control system is a quick and secure way of giving access to users. Use smartphone to access the door, elevator and other barriers in a contactless and seamless manner.

Biometric Access Control


Use our biometric fingerprint-based access control to verify authority of an individual seeking access to a physical facility.

Spintly’s new and improved contactless Visitor Management Page is now live
Visitor Management Page is now live