Advantages of Cloud-Based Access Control

With the heavy use of technology, traditional access control systems are fading away. Traditional access control systems, usually known as on-premise access control systems can be difficult to manage. These systems run on machines kept in IT or server rooms of offices. Companies are now migrating from traditional access control to cloud-based access control.

We will list down 5 benefits of Cloud-based access control for you, and help you make the right decision!

Reduced Overhead

A cloud-based access control system eliminates the need to maintain a server room or keep a huge technical staff to maintain access permissions and update the database. You can control all the access requests and lock/unlock a door remotely. And all the data will be stored in the cloud

Centralized Management

An access control system is efficient for small as well as big firms spread across multiple locations. Access to every location can be monitored from one single point thus making it highly flexible. You can even lockdown/ unlock a complete building remotely in case of emergency

Automatic Updates

The pro of having a cloud-based access control over an on-premise hosted access control system is that your IT department doesn’t have to halt all other operations during a system update is being installed. With a Cloud-based access control system, there is a lesser risk of human error and quick updates increase the efficiency and security of the Access Control continuously

Easy to Scale

You can easily scale your cloud-based access control system from a single door to multiple locations if the need arises. Whereas an on-premise access control system has attached servers, wirings, and other infrastructure associated with it. Scaling will require you to purchase more of the servers and wires. Cloud-based access control systems are also easy to migrate from one location to another


On-premise access control systems are very expensive. They also need professional staff to be operated. Whereas a cloud-based access control is relatively cheaper and saves you money from the purchase of servers and wiring

Spintly offers a cloud-based access control solution. We aim to reduce the complexity of managing a wired access control system. With our BLE-Mesh-enabled technology, you can reduce your manual task of managing access significantly.

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