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Retrofit your Workspace with Spintly Smart Access Control

Spintly is a workspace access control system that offers several benefits for business owners and employees. With Spintly, businesses can manage employee access to workspaces, set up a keyless entry, and manage security of the building. For employees, Spintly offers a convenient way to access the workspace without the hassle of carrying keys, badges or recalling passcodes. Here we will explore the benefits of using Spintly to retrofit your workspace with smart access control. We will also look at some features that make Spintly an attractive option for business owners and employees.

Traditional Access Control

An access control system is a security system that controls who has access to premises. It generally works by granting or denying entry and keeping track of who enters and leaves a building or other secured location. There are various access control systems, but they all achieve the goal of protecting people and property.

Traditional access control systems use physical keys to unlock doors. More sophisticated systems may use electronic key cards, key fobs, fingerprint scanners, or other biometric devices to identify authorized personnel. Once someone has been granted access, the system will track when they entered and left the premises.


Problems Faced with Traditional Access Control

Badging, issuing of cards and badges becomes a hassle, and as the number of employees or other users increases, physically issuing each and every card becomes more onerous.

If your system is running on PC-based software, a person needs to physically be present in front of the computer to issue badges and manage the system. Multiple people are typically needed to manage different activities, thereby increasing costs.

In today’s workplace, with many companies embracing a hybrid model, issuing cards or badges in person is more difficult than ever. 

A dedicated person may be needed to manage this process. It’s not a smart or efficient solution.

More and more businesses are opting for smart systems which allow people to get into the building without having to rely on traditional cards, badges, or keys. People appreciate smartphone access, which can be enabled from anywhere in the world. A cloud-based system can address all of the problems of traditional access control.

How to Upgrade your Traditional System to a Smart System

If you already have a traditional access control system, you already have much of the hardware and wiring needed to upgrade to smartphone-based access control. This is when retrofitting comes in. 

We at Spintly have come up with a smart solution, and here is how we do it:

We move your cards, access badges, fobs, and keys into your smartphones and wearable devices.

This solves the problem of manually and physically issuing cards and badges. Instead, all access can be managed over the cloud.

We replace your old card readers with a Spintly smart reader, which communicates with your existing hardware. The reader can be easily replaced by anyone by a locksmith or as a do-it-yourself (DIY) project.

All you have to do is remove the traditional reader and connect the existing wires to a Spintly reader. This will now enable you immediate access to your doors with a smartphone.

You can implement Spintly on multiple doors and all the doors get connected to the cloud via a gateway over a wireless mesh network.

Each reader communicates with one another wirelessly, and the gateway is connected to the cloud.

You could be sitting anywhere in the world and use a web application or a mobile app, through which you can track and grant access to anyone.

Through this simple method of replacing your readers, we have converted your traditional access control to a smart access control system through retrofitting.

Advantages of Retrofitting with Spintly

The key benefits of retrofitting with Spintly are as follows:

  1. Smartphone and wearable-based access control
  2. Lower cost to upgrade and install new locations
  3. Seamless cloud integration with IT systems
  4. Real-time data on access events through notifications and live dashboards


You can have multiple properties and track how those locations are getting used, which doors people are coming and going from, and who is using the system.

This is the advantage of retrofitting an old old system with Spintly smart access control.

There is also tremendous value in merging IT and Security systems, further automating access.

Want to retrofit your traditional readers with Spintly smart readers? 

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