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Advantages of Contactless Access Control

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world we all live in. With hundreds and thousands of employees trying to get back to work under one roof, it becomes important to provide them with secure and hygienic access to their workplace. To meet this growing safety requirement, contactless access controls are becoming the first choice.

Let us take you through a few points that will help you in choosing your Contactless Access Control Systems!

Maintains Hygienic Conditions

Door knobs and access readers are the most touched surfaces within a building. Using a contactless access control system at your offices or residential buildings will prevent your employees and staff or your tenants from touching the doorknobs that are almost touched by everyone else. This safety feature is here to stay and moving ahead it will be used more and more to maintain the hygiene within a building

Advanced Security

Contactless access control systems can be programmed to limit access and allow only the authorized people inside. Access level can be defined and personnel with a specific access level can unlock a particular door. Restricting access can help in securing certain areas and limiting the flow of people inside the building

Visitor Management

The contactless feature also helps in providing a spectacular visitor experience. With smartphone-based access or an NFC card-based access, the visitor experience can be enhanced multifold. Users can self-check-in using a web-based login and can get access to some areas through a QR-code or limited time app-access

Emergency Control

You can keep track of who is visiting your building and when. In case of any emergency, you can not only identify how many people are inside your building but also where they are. Contactless access control systems also provide an emergency Unlock/Lockdown feature, it can open or close all the access points at once


Without the expense and complexity of traditional physical access systems, a cloud-based access control solution enables centralized management, visibility, and control.


Since modern technology is free from wires, i.e., they are wireless, a lot of costs can be saved due to the lower installation and up-gradation cost. They are easily scalable and can be migrated to another location too without any heavy infrastructure cost


This is another key factor to consider while choosing your contactless access control solution. Is your new access control system wireless? A wireless access control system avoids all the cabling which is otherwise needed for traditional access control systems. These typically work on a wireless mesh technology like BLE-mesh or Thread. This approach not only saves cost but also makes it easy to manage the system post-installation. 

Smartphone enabled

This is by far the most important factor in the modern world where smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. We pretty much have the smartphone with us 24×7. If your contactless access control system supports smartphone-based access or wearable device based door access then it makes the life of the users and the admin who manages the user access much simpler. Access permissions can be easily managed without the hassle of issuing cards to users. 

About Spintly

Spintly offers all the benefits listed here with its access control system. With its contactless, wireless, cloud-based and smartphone-enabled solution Spintly makes the transition to contactless access control a breeze.