Spintly Smart Door Lock

Spintly’s Smart, convenient and wireless door lock system specifically designed to work with handle door locks which unlocks your door using a smartphone and Mifare card. This product is specifically designed for residential buildings & hotels. A smart efficient smartphone based solution to manage your access.

Spintly Smart Door Lock
wireless door lock
Contactless door lock
smartphone door lock

Product Information

Product Information

Enclosure Feature Description
Dimensions 50mm x 85mm x 32mm
Weight 1.5Kg
Door Thicknesss >35mm
  • Easy Installation
  • Allows Mobile based access
  • Automated access expiry
  • No wiring required
  • No internet required for access
  • Cloud based access management
  • Mifare card support
  • Card capacity = 3000 users
  • Supports physical key
  • Real time data
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Cost effective solution
  • Voltage: 6V DC Input of 4, AA batteries
  • Battery operated
  • Battery life : 1 Year
  • Average Current: 800uA
  • Power consumption : 4.8mW max at 6V
  • Operating temp: -10 to +60 degree C
  • Mifare card, 13.56MHz
  • BLE 4.2
  • Fully encrypted communication
    between mobile app and Smart door Lock
  • Fully encrypted communication between reader and tag
  • Eliminates the threat of copying or cloning Spintly Mifare cards

Access Type


NFC based Access

Enables frictionless, hassle-free and contactless access to your door using our Mifare Card to experience the keyless door entry system.

Smartphone based Access


Our Smartphone-based door access control is a quick and convenient way of accessing the door using your own smartphone. All the access data will be saved and accessed by the admin over our cloud software

key besed access

Key-based Access

Use our key-based handle door lock designed for residential buildings & hotels. A smart efficient door lock to manage your access.

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