Alternative for Nexkey : Replace Nexkey and update your access control system

It may be difficult to choose an access control system for your company, and it may be even more difficult to replace your current one. Given the time constraints, making this vital decision demands careful consideration.

A seamless transition is crucial given the significance of the access control system in routine business operations. Everyone will be on board and eager to try it out if you upgrade to an amazing access control system with a ton of unique features like Spintly Smart Access.

  • With Spintly, you can control entry instantly from your smartphone and secure every door. 
  • With Spintly smart access, you can grant and revoke access as well as remotely open doors.

For the past four years, Spintly has been expanding briskly and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. You may feel secure knowing that once you switch to Spintly from your Nexkey system, you won’t need to go through the hassle of another migration.

Replacing NexKey with Spintly

It is very easy to replace your Nexkey system with a Spintly access control system and get all the features that Nexkey was offering plus get additional cool features that Spintly offers. The Spintly Nuos 1-door controller easily replaces the Nexkey controller and can be even installed using DIY methods using the installation guide.

Smart Access Control System Features

Card Based Access Control System

Card Based Access

Blutooth Access Control

Works Without Internet

Attendence Management

Remote Access

Get your preferred Nexkey features with additional Spintly features.

Spintly Smartphone based Access:

Users no longer need to carry a card to gain access to facilities and may instead use their own mobile or wearable device. Employees can gain easy and efficient access to doors thanks to extremely intuitive features like proximity-based access or intent-based access.

Administrators can generate, manage, enable, and revoke credentials over the cloud using the Spintly online administration interface or the mobile App. Admins can save a huge amount of time with a cloud-based solution.

Spintly Smartphone-based Access is provided on a highly secure and dependable cloud infrastructure with a service level agreement for maximum service availability and uptime. Furthermore, the solution is based on encrypted technology and multi-factor authentication technology and adheres to data integrity best practices to tie each mobile ID to the device and secure data in transit and at rest.

Card-Based Access

Spintly offers a one-stop solution for all card-based access control needs. Spintly’s access control solution is a hybrid system that supports both card-based access as well as mobile or smartphone access. Spintly system, coupled with multi-technology readers with a fully wireless approach offers a hassle-free, quick, easy and contactless access control experience to users.

Tap to Access:

Spintly offers a tap-to-access feature that allows users to tap their smartphones on the Spintly reader to gain access. The user does not even have to open any applications to use this feature. This provides the best in the industry seamless access control experience.


Your business operations will be easier, more effective, and more secure by integrating your access control system with the applications and tools you already use. Spintly system can be easily integrated with a variety of cameras, user pools, co-working space software, identity management applications, and data analytics tools. Spintly is continuously working to provide new integrations to meet your needs.

Multifactor Authentication: 

Spintly Multi-factor Authentication technology uses Biometric/Face Recognition/Password on your smartphone to secure door access. Spintly’s MFA provides additional layers of security to authenticate a user’s identity. At the same time, the user’s identity credentials, like their biometric data, are safe with the user on their personal device.

Switch to Spintly for access control that does more.

Having to replace your Nexkey system may end up being advantageous if you pick Spintly. In addition to enjoying a seamless experience, improving your security, and keeping all the features you adore, you will also have access to even more functionality.

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