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The days of manually managing access to barriers like doors and  gates are soon going to be a thing of the past. IoT-based “Smart Access Control” technology is now rapidly replacing conventional methods; be it at home or at the workplace. Mobile phones, tablets and laptops now come with fingerprint or face recognition as a standard feature and are thus commonly used in various applications like identity verification, etc. 

More and more organisations are using some kind of automated system to track attendance and manage their workforce because of the security,  and convenience benefits it offers. 

Here are 5 features of Automated Access Control systems that makes everyone love it and why you should probably consider using too, at your workplace.

1. Remote management with emergency locking and unlocking with the tap of a button

Imagine you could check-in and manage your organization even when you are away on a business trip in another part of the world. Get real-time notifications on your phone of the entry/exits made in your organization. Several access management solutions allow remote locking and unlocking with the tap of a button. The remote lock and unlock feature could be a life saviour when you have popped out of the office and the delivery guy calls saying he is outside with an important parcel, threatening to leave it outside the door. 

Sometimes there might be a situation where your organization needs to grant special access to employees under unexpected circumstances. These are instances of workplace access that fall outside the user’s typical job role or responsibilities. Or perhaps there is a life-threatening emergency at the workplace (fire for instance) and you need to immediately unlock all the organization’s barriers for a quick evacuation.  

2. Visitor Access is easier than ever before with access management

Managing external visitors in your organization need not be such a painful task. Visitors too need not waste their precious time waiting in the reception area while the security personnel at the gate generates your visiting ID card and completes other formalities.  To improve security and to reinforce restrictions for visitors, visitor management modules in access control systems can be deployed and configured for a hassle-free experience for your organization as well as your visitors.    

These systems use smartphones to authenticate identity at entry and exit points without any additional infrastructure like printesr or cameras and wasting paper, plastic, time and patience . The manager can grant permissions, set access boundaries and instruct the security personnel without pushing around a single piece of paper or getting out of her chair. Sounds too good to be true right….!   

3. Auditing and reporting like never before with identity access management solutions

Wouldn’t it be great if you could manage your entire business premise in real-time from anywhere, anytime? Our Access and Attendance Management system allows for easy provisioning and de-provisioning as employees are on-boarded or terminated. 

Check who is in the office or not at any given time, who entered late or left late or just the attendance history of a particular employee or department for any specific time. You can generate detailed and customised reports using the numerous filters provided in the system.  What’s more, you can even set the system to automatically generate and send you these detailed analytical reports after specified intervals of time, say the 30th of every month.

4. Access Management solutions are more convenient and affordable than ever

Passwords, ID cards and door entry codes are a hassle and inconvenience at the best of times. Let alone when they eventually stop working or get misplaced. Our Smart Access management solutions are non-invasive, blazing fast and simple to use. 

In fact, our state-of-the-art mobile authentication requires nothing more than the user’s smartphone. That beats even fingerprint authentication as far as reliability, security and cost-effectiveness go. BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) based access control also allows for easy authentication without needing any internet connection and minimal battery consumption.

Our affordable range of access management solutions allows even small scale and startup environments to implement state of the art security for their premises. 

5. Makes managing employee permissions a breeze

Managing employees manually can be a tedious task, especially if you have a large number of employees and multiple locations. Some employees may not have the clearance to access certain areas or locations, for example the stores may be off-limits to most employees or maybe the Director’s cabin. It is difficult to manually monitor who has access to which areas. Using smart access control, we can easily give or restrict access to specific parts of your workplace. Morever, most of these smart systems have “bulk assign” feature that assigns selected permissions to subsets of your employee base . This process, when done manually, could take several hours if not days, result in a whole bunch of frayed nerves and still produce several errors impacting productivity. The cherry on top is that the system is so simple and intuitive to execute that your organization’s appointed Admin or Manager can do this instantly without depending on the intervention of the IT team.

All in all, Internet of Things(IoT) and cloud based technology is set to enter and transform every aspect of our daily life. Modern access control systems like Spintly have revolutionized the way secure and smart access control is done in offices, buildings, hotels and residential areas. 

Drop us a message at [email protected]  if you would like to learn more how we can transform your business or even just to share your story of how technology has impacted you. We would love to hear from you.



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