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Five Features Of Modern Access Control Solutions That Everyone Love


The days of manually managing access to barriers like doors and  gates are soon going to be a thing of the past. IoT-based “Smart Access Control” technology is now rapidly replacing conventional methods; be it at home or at the workplace. Mobile phones, tablets and laptops now come with fingerprint or face recognition as a […]

Future of Smart Lighting


Future of Smart Lighting We all have witnessed, how the latest trends of automation are affecting the lighting industry. Automation which was once done only in commercial/Industrial settings has now become a trend in smart homes. Alexa and Google home add in a fun factor and takes the smart home concept to the next level. […]

How to build a great company !!


How To Build A Great Company Every company dreams of being the next Google or the next Facebook. What is it that has made companies like Google, Facebook or Amazon so successful and are still poised for an even greater success. What is the secret ? This is my take at trying to understand what […]

Contactless Business in a post COVID-19 World


The impact of COVID-19  on the world has been unprecedented. The virus has shaken up consumer and business behaviour worldwide. Whether it is day-to-day operation, client interaction or workspace culture, going “contactless” has become an essential part of our life now. The government has advised businesses to observe social distancing rules for the foreseeable future, recommending measures […]