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Spintly: Revolutionizing Physical Security
with BLE Mesh


Spintly is at the forefront of revolutionizing physical security with its innovative wireless, cloud-based access control system. By replacing traditional access methods with smartphones, Spintly streamlines access management, making it more efficient and secure.

Spintly's Solutions Across Industries

Spintly offers a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to various industries:

1. Time and Attendance Systems:

Seamlessly integrate biometric access control with time and attendance systems for precise workforce management.

2. Wireless Access Control for Businesses:

Spintly’s wireless access control system caters to businesses of all sizes, ensuring heightened security levels.

3. Contactless Visitor Management:

Enhance the visitor experience with contactless access control readers, ensuring a secure and convenient check-in process.

The Role of BLE Mesh in Spintly's Solutions

BLE Mesh, a wireless communication protocol, plays a pivotal role in Spintly’s products. It enables devices to communicate in a mesh network, ensuring a resilient and scalable infrastructure for access control systems.

Benefits of BLE Mesh

One of the key advantages of BLE Mesh is its resilience, as there is no single point of failure in the network. This ensures continuous operation even if a device malfunctions, making it ideal for critical applications like access control.

Applications Beyond Access Control

BLE Mesh technology extends beyond access control systems and finds applications in smart homes, industrial automation, and healthcare. Its reliability and scalability make it indispensable as more devices become connected to the internet.


Spintly stands as a leader in transforming physical security through its wireless, cloud-based access control system. By leveraging BLE Mesh technology, Spintly creates robust and scalable solutions adaptable to the needs of any business. As the demand for reliable wireless communication protocols grows, BLE Mesh remains integral to the future of technology.