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Cloud-based Time & Attendance System

If you are running a business (Big or Small), you know there is nothing more crucial than time. Whether it’s the time you take to deliver to your customers or the time your employees give to your business. Hence, a timekeeping system is a primary requirement for any business.

Cloud based Attendance and Time Management

The Time & Attendance system makes your check-ins and check-out effortless. It not only keeps track of when your employees enter and leave the premises but also helps in shift allocation, payroll integration, and absence management.

Traditionally, a pen and paper-based attendance system were prevalent. It was time-consuming and was also subjected to human error. It was a repetitive process and sometimes employees forget to check in and check out. There was not much that can be analyzed through the manual timekeeping apart from the attendance.

As technology kept evolving so does the Time & Attendance system. To overcome the drawbacks of manual timekeeping, companies started adopting automated time & attendance systems, such as badges, ID cards, biometric systems, and so on. With the rise of smartphones, cloud-based Time & Attendance systems have arrived and are here to stay. These systems also come as an add-on feature with the cloud-based access control system.

Need for cloud-based Time & Attendance System

Last year when the pandemic hit, the majority of the workforce was asked to work remotely. With working remotely, employee time tracking became a huge issue. The card-based and biometric attendance system became obsolete and there was a need for a more convenient and secure solution. With this need, the smartphone-based Attendance Management System became prevalent.

Whether your employees are working from home or are in the office, a cloud-based attendance system is easy, safe, and unobtrusive. The employees only have to download an app on their smartphone and the reader will detect the smartphone and will check you in. Similarly, for work-from-home, check-in through the app or web-based login will mark your presence.

Filling timesheets is repetitive and boring work, employees hate filling them. To save them from this trauma, a cloud-based time & attendance system is a perfect alternative. Dynamic time tracking and scheduling help in effective and error-free payroll and job costing.

A cloud-based system also makes it easy to hire talent from the global employee pool as the distance hardly matters.

Benefits of Cloud-based Time & Attendance Management

Since you now understand the need for a dynamic cloud-based attendance system, let’s dive you through some of the benefits of this system.

  • Check-in through Phone – The cloud-based system allows you to check-in and out with the help of your smartphone. You do not need to carry another ID card or a key card.
  • Location Capture – While checking in through your smartphone, the app can also track your location and store it. The system administrator can locate you anytime with the information
  • Automated Payroll – Through this system, the software calculates the hours and fills them directly to the employee’s timesheet. This helps in automating and processing payroll faster than the previous system
  • Leave and Absence Management – Employees can apply for the leave through the app and the request can be viewed by their managers instantly. Once approved it can instantly get filled in the timesheet

All in all the cloud-based time & attendance management system is safe, reliable, hassle-free, and accurate. With such a system, the whole process is optimized and digitized.

Spintly’s – Time & Attendance Management

Spintly offers a powerful cloud-based time & attendance management solution with its Access Control System. It will help you streamline your most important HR process – Time & Attendance. The main features of Spintly’s cloud-based time & attendance Management are –

  • Attendance Reports – It can generate real-time attendance reports which can be helpful in data analytics. Analyzing your employee presence/ absence, work hours, etc. can help you find the gaps in your business
  • Shift Management – Assigning shifts to your employees every day becomes easy with this software
  • Leave Management – Employees can request their leaves through the app
  • Easy Onboarding – Your employee have to download only an application – Smart Access, on their smartphones and they are good to go

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