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Tenant Management with Contactless Access Control

Tenant Management

When you talk about commercial real estate, tenant experience is one of the most focussed areas property managers are investing in. Tenant Experience refers to the user experience of a person renting a building or an office space. The experience is not only limited to the office space but also covers the building amenities and the community experience altogether.

Flexible workspaces like coworking spaces are gaining grounds. Organizations are ditching the old, expensive lease agreements for office spaces and opting for the more convenient and secure coworking spaces. They are no longer afraid to move their office to a new location if they are unsatisfied with the current experience. To attract the tenants and to retain their members, property managers are including different amenities like gyms, food courts, breakout rooms, etc. But these physical amenities need to be secure from unwanted access.

Let’s go through some common problems every property owner faces!


Problems faced by Property Managers

  • Post-COVID difficulties – With some businesses opening their operations, employers and employees are concerned about their safety. Property Managers are facing the risk of evacuation by the tenants if their safety needs are not met. With a conventional access card system, the need to come in contact with the reader is something that should be eliminated. Even the biometric access solutions should be avoided as they pose the risk of spreading the virus
  • Security & Safety Issue ­– As much as you want to ensure safety within your property, even a single incident of security breach can degrade your image. Lost or stolen keycards, stolen passcodes, etc. are a challenge that every property manager is facing. With expensive devices and equipment lying around the office space, security is the primary concern of tenants and co-working spaces are questioned on this issue a lot
  • Issues with keycard system – When a tenant leaves the space, you need to physically collect the keycard or pay for some additional keycards for the new tenants. Granting or revoking access is also a time-consuming task
  • Restricting access within the co-working space – Not every tenant wants to rent every facility you are offering. For example – some organizations with a smaller number of employees might not need a huge conference room ever and hence they will only like to pay for limited space. With the traditional security systems, it is difficult to restrict access at so many levels and granting different access to a different tenant

If you are a property manager and you are facing similar issues, fret not we will list down the benefits of using a cloud-based access control system to reduce your worries.

Why should you opt for a modern Access Control System?

With a cloud-based access control system, you do not have to worry about the infrastructure. Some of the benefits of a modern access control system are –

  • Smartphone-based access – Your tenants can unlock the door by just waving their smartphones. This feature is the priority in the post-COVID world where there is a need to reduce touchpoints and provide tenants a safe working place. You can also reduce your overhead costs as there is no need for keycards or any physical keys to unlock a door
  • Reduced Installation and Maintenance Cost – All the readers are connected via BLE Mesh and there is no wiring required. It reduces the cost of wiring and the installation is also easy and less expensive as compared to the traditional access card system. In case of any fault in the system, maintenance is also easy and doesn’t require any wiring change thus reducing the maintenance cost
  • Easy to migrate – If you currently use a traditional system, switching to a cloud-based access control system is really easy. You can easily migrate all your tenants to the new system without the need to provide them with additional keys. The only requirement will be an application on their smartphones
  • More Power to your Tenants – Your co-working space managers will have the control to authorize access to their employees. They can easily grant access to the new employees and revoke the access authority for the employees that are leaving. You do not have to control a large workforce on your own.

Empowering your tenants will provide them with an enriching tenant experience  and they will like to come to work on your property

  • No need to maintain huge physical security – To maintain safety in your space, you would not have to maintain a large number of physical security guards. Cost of hiring reduces and you can invest that money on increasing facilities and providing a better tenant experience

All in all, if you are a property manager a smartphone-based access control system is a “must-have” in this post-COVID world.

Why Spintly?

Spintly offers a wide range of features with its smart access control systems. The Tenant Management of Spintly offers –

  • Multi-location Support – You can allow access to your tenant across properties. If you have buildings in multiple locations, you can allow access to your tenants of one location to the other building
  • Multi-Tenant Support – With Spintly’s access control solution you can manage multiple tenants in a single co-working space
  • Tenant self-service – You can allow the managers to control the access of their employees
  • Occupancy Report generation

 In addition to the above-mentioned features, Spintly’s access control systems also support –