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Access Control for your Residential Complex

“Home is a place where one should feel secure and comfortable.” ~Catherine Pulsifer

Residents want to live carefreely and feel safe around their building complex. The job of the property manager is not limited to provide a lavish house, gym, parking places, and other amenities, it is also his duty to secure them from unwanted visitors.

Wireless Acess Control Systems are the modern and safe way of providing security to your building.

Some common issues faced by Property Managers and Residents

  • Security Issues in traditional access control systems – Traditional manual security systems like lock & key-based security are inefficient to provide safety 24*7. If the key gets into the wrong hands, the safety of the residents gets compromised. Similarly, passcode-based systems are also prone to vulnerabilities. They can be easily hacked. Both the systems are not only less secure, but also take time to provide access
  • Costly and difficult to maintain Physical Security – Keeping a human workforce for every door of your building is not a feasible solution and also not a cheap one. In a large building, a security guard cannot keep track of the people coming in and out at all times. To keep the building accessible and secure at all times an electronic access control system is required
  • Unwanted Visitors using the residential amenities – The most common problem faced by the residents is the unfiltered crowd using the facilities. More often than not people from outside try to use the community pools or the gym for free that is exclusively limited for residents only if there is no access security present. In presence of passcode based security system, few residents pass on the passcode to their friends or some regular visitor can guess the password
  • Parking issues – Without any security system, it becomes difficult to manage parking spaces. There are cases of vandalism, car theft, and unwanted cars parked in your parking area without any access control system
  • Time-consuming Visitor Management – Everyone knows the hassle of providing access to your visitors, some buildings require the residents to receive them from the security personally, some require the visitors to fill the lengthy forms, and then the resident is called to inform them about their visitor and their permission to provide the access. A tablet-based check-in is also present in some big residential buildings. But all these options require human contact, and now is not the time to increase touchpoints. These processes are time-consuming, unsafe and may lead to an unsatisfactory visitor experience

To solve the above-mentioned problems, a contactless access control system can work as a wonder. To tell you how a smartphone-based access control system can solve all these issues, listed below are all the benefits!

Key Benefits of using Wireless Access Control System

  • Easy and fast access for residents – The smartphone-based access allows the residents to unlock the door by just waving their smartphones around the reader. The BLE Mesh technology allows the reader to detect your smartphones even inside your bags and will unlock the door for you when you are close
  • Secure Common Areas – The common residential amenities like the community pool, gym, and clubhouse demands exclusivity for residents. An access control system will make it easier to allow access to only authorized people
  • Parking lot access – To ensure that no outsider can park in your residential complex’s parking area, a smartphone-based access control system makes it easy to keep track of the people moving in and out of the parking zone. It also eliminates the chances of car theft
  • Visitor Management – To simplify your resident’s life and to provide a seamless visitor experience, smartphone-based access control systems are a life savior! The visitor has to fill a web-based form, your residents will receive a request, on accepting your visitor will get a QR code through an email. Scanning the QR code will provide access to your visitor
  • Grant/ Revoke Access easily – Access can be granted to the new residents with little or no effort. Once the residents leave the building, their access can be revoked easily through your access control software

Now that you know how an access control system is a need for your residential buildings, look no further as Spintly offers a cloud-based access control system. It will simplify all your problems and will provide your buildings a smarter and safer way of access control security. To reduce your concern further –

  • Spintly provide hassle-free migration without any additional infrastructure and by eliminating all the wiring costs
  • Easy Integration with your buildings’ existing software
  • If you are planning to expand your housing colony, Spintly’s access control systems are easily scalable