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ACaaS (Access Control as a service) - The Future of Physical Security

In recent years, anything-as-a-service is gaining popularity across several market segments. Be it a residential segment, commercial segment, hospitality segment, manufacturing segment, educational segment or healthcare segment; all are in quest of cloud-based SaaS solutions for their operational needs. With COVID-19 this transition to SaaS solutions has accelerated to a point where legacy systems which have been local/on-premise have started migrating to the cloud. Physical security and surveillance is one such area which is slowly but surely moving into the cloud. With physical access control moving to cloud it is now possible to bill the customer on the basis of usage and hence a new model called Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) has emerged

Across the globe, organizations are undergoing digital transformation, therefore increasing the mandate for cloud-based solutions specifically designed for enhancing physical security, authorization and identity verification. The cumulative demand for a greater comprehensive security procedure across multiple locations with reduced human efforts has been the key driving factor for the ACaaS market.

Why ACaaS

Each business is unique and so are their requirements. Access Control as a Service is a customizable, cost-effective solution suitable for all business set-ups irrespective of their size and location. Offered as a service by a third trusted party, ACaaS merges the advantage of Software as a Service (SaaS) with on-site smart access control devices to establish a robust security system.

Business administrators can reap several benefits from implementing access control as a service in their businesses without losing governance and control of their outsourced properties, assets and IPs. It allows a seamless convergence of security and IT systems. Compared to the legacy access control system, the advantages of access control as a service are abundant:

  • Low upfront cost and easy installation process

Opting for access control as a service coupled with a fully wireless controller-less solution takes off the burden from the organization of investing money in the purchase and maintenance of access control hardware. ACaaS eliminates the need for local servers needed to store data and run local software. It also allows the customers to not pay for any of the hardware and just pay a monthly or annual recurring fee for the software.  facilitates the users to control access remotely, as well backup and store the data securely. The subscription-based model lightens the financial load by opening options to the companies to go with packages exactly suitable for their business needs. This flexible subscription model not only offers ongoing upgrades and improvements without compromising on the service but also provides a pay-as-you-go option which is a perfect solution for the uncertain post-pandemic era. ACaaS is a real money-saver over time.

  • Customized and compatible API 

Unlike the monopoly of traditional access control systems where the software works only with certain devices, ACaaS allows the users to build their own software and get it integrated with a customized and compatible interface. Basically, Application Programming Interface (API) permits two or more software to communicate with each other; resulting in a seamless, secure and hassle-free access control experience. This open-platform API is explicitly designed to play well with third-party applications and devices, avoiding the users to get locked into the hardware obligation. Besides, users can customize their requirement for access control for as few as two doors to as many doors the property consists along with managing access rights from anywhere and at any time.

  • Enhanced Security and remote monitoring

ACaaS is an exceptional centralized tool for monitoring multiple locations and having real-time access to the information from any corner of the world, as all the data is saved and readily available in the cloud. ACaaS not only allows the user to grant the right access to the right people at the right time but also detects any doubtful tailgating or trespassing activity through video surveillance, alarm system or intrusion detection platforms. 

Final Thoughts

Keeping up pace with the new technology and updating their access control policies and solutions has become a mandate for all businesses to protect their infrastructure, movable assets and people. With social distancing and remote working practices becoming our new normal, cloud-based ACaaS enables the business administrators to control and monitor their visitor management system, time-sheet management and identity verification process remotely. Powered by the digital transformation, the future of access control as a service looks bright with new exciting applications and business opportunities.

Why Spintly

Spintly’s cloud-based Access Control as a Service model is a user-friendly and simple browser and a smartphone-based access system which benefits the user to effectively manage their assets and people at any given time and from any location. Spintly’s cloud solution ensures that the access system software is up to date with new features and zero downtime, further pushing patches and firmware updates automatically through the system to save time, costs, and avoid any cyber threats. Spintly offers a fully wireless access control solution which completely eliminates the need for central controller hardware, Servers and wiring making it easy to install and set up an access control system.