Enabling Smart
Hotel Access

Welcome your guests and offer a secure frictionless And experience
with our contactless hotel access control platform.

Now unlock your hotel room
with your smartphone.​

Access Type

NFC Access

NFC Card

Streamline your access control with NFC Cards for a hassle-free, convenient and wireless access experience.

Smart Phone Access


Our Smartphone-based access control is a quick and secure way of giving access to users. Use smartphone to access the door, elevator and other barriers in a contactless and seamless manner.



Use our biometric fingerprint-based access control to verify authority of an individual seeking access to a physical facility.

Benefits of Spintly Smart access at Hotels

Blutooth Access Control

Hassle-Free Migration

Enable smart access control without additional infrastructure or wiring.

API/SDK Integration


Create seamless integrations with existing software platforms.



Scales naturally across multiple locations

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