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Why should you invest in a Contactless Visitor Management System !

Contactless Visitor Management

Are you an organization that wants to keep track of the people who visit your location?

Do you believe that automated processes will help your business grow? Do you think a contactless access control system can help you maintain safety as well as save time?

If the answer to all the above-mentioned questions is YES, then you are in a right place. A contactless Visitor Management System will help you streamline your visitor access and permissions during their visit.

Offices around the world have adopted virtual check-in systems which make use of tablet-based check-in. Although these applications reduce time, they still need human intervention and require the visitor to physically touch the tablet or a stylus. The visitor is then either accompanied by a staff member or is given a room key card. The use of an access card system is also a concern when it comes to safety.

Few benefits of installing contactless Visitor Management System

  • With a contactless visitor management system, you can eliminate unnecessary human contact in the lobby by reducing the touchpoints
  • Visitor Screening can be done without putting your staff at risk. With all the details of the visitor, it can also help in contact tracing
  • You can even customize visitor’s access permissions
  • You can keep track of your visitors’ movement
  • And finally, a contactless Visitor Management System can be integrated with your building’s access control system

Who can use a Visitor Management System?

Literally, anyone can use a Visitor Management System, from schools to colleges, hospitals to hotels, and commercial and residential buildings.

  • Commercial buildings and workplace – Offer a great visitor experience to your guests with a touchless visitor management system. A safe and faster visitor experience may lead to a new business deal or can serve as a reputation-building experience with a prospective investor, and most importantly it can save your as well as your visitors’ time.
  • Schools or Colleges – Allowing access to any guest faculty, old students, or parents out for visiting the campus can be done using a contactless visitor management system. The pre-sign-in feature can allow the visitor to fill in their details and mention their purpose of visit and they can scan the QR code at the reception to get access
  • Hospitals – You might want to keep track of the number of people visiting a patient in a hospital and the building access given to each visitor during their visit. Managing the visitors manually is a tedious task and sometimes odd-hour visitation makes the process more difficult. Adopting a contactless visitor management system not only reduces manual labor it also serves as a safer way to visit patients and doctors in a hospital in the current pandemic situation. It reduces the touchpoints and makes the visiting easy, safe, and secure for the staff as well as the visitor
  • Hotels – Electronic check-in has been adopted by many hotels these days where the guest uses the tab at the front desk to check themselves in. But this process is not safe as sanitizing the tablet or the stylus continuously is not possible, and it needs human intervention. To make the check-in more secure, Touchless Visitor Management System can be adopted, and integrating it further with the access control system will also allow the guest to unlock their doors by just scanning the QR code on their smartphones. A good visitor experience for your guests can help your business scale many times

Now, that we have discussed the need for a contactless visitor management system. Let’s clear your doubts as to why Spintly’s Visitor Management System is the perfect choice for your organization!


Why Spintly’s Contactless Visitor Management System?

Spintly’s Visitor Management System is a cloud-based automated system that offers a fully contactless solution for visitor check-in. It provides a hassle-free experience to your visitors while maintaining control over visitor accessibility, visits duration, and permissions during the visit.

This security access control system reduces the touchpoints serving as an ideal solution post-COVID-19.

How does it work?

  • QR code check-in: Visitor scans the QR code at the front desk
  • Self-check-in page: Using the web-based check-in page, visitors can complete the details (like – purpose of visit, the employee you are visiting, etc.)
  • Visitor receives OTP for verification
  • Host receives the notification and after checking the visitors’ details can allow the visitor
  • No need for an app, visitor can scan the QR code for door access

Features & Benefits

  • Host employees receive instant notifications on their smartphone which can be approved instantaneously, reducing inefficiencies caused during manual communication
  • It is integrated with Spintly’s security access control system and the host can unlock the door for the visitor
  • Visitor can themselves unlock the door by scanning the QR code at the access control device
  • Visitors must fill the COVID-19 declaration during the web-based sign-in; based upon that the host can allow or disallow their visit
  • All access and visitor logs are captured and stored digitally on Spintly’s cloud platform which can be used to generate reports and audit trails
By Akshi Saxena

If you still have some doubts, contact us to help you clear them out!