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Spintly Solutions

Click, Wave, or Tap to Enter

Replace outdated keys, cards and fobs with secure, smartphone-based access.

Invite employees, vendors, or even customers to enter your building without having to hand them physical access credentials.

With Spintly, entry is as simple as a click, wave, or tap.

Spintly Aura Access
Spintly Access Solutions

Easy to set up. Easy to use.

Spintly’s digital access control solution makes installation a breeze, resulting in a faster, more affordable setup.

Manage access in bulk or customize schedules for individual users and doors through the desktop or mobile app.

Get a complete event log of who entered your space and when.

Built for your business

Spintly integrates with existing hardware and software to create a seamless, holistic solution.

We’ll work with you to build a custom system that makes your existing hardware smartphone-enabled.

Our software integrates with your existing productivity software to save time and money.

Our hardware

The Spintly Reader, Controller, and Gateway work together to bring secure, BLE-mesh networking to your interior or exterior doors.
Spintly’s new and improved contactless Visitor Management Page is now live
Visitor Management Page is now live