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Spintly Contactless Technology

Why does Contactless Technology play a major role?

In today’s digital world, an increasing number of SMEs and start-ups are automating their routine day-to-day tasks. While most organizations now use card readers, biometric devices, and other digital devices, they still rely on manual time tracking and complex spreadsheets to track employees’ time and attendance.

Manual time tracking is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but it also limits your company’s future growth and expansion. Only by developing an efficient, scalable, and effective internal system will your organization be able to reach its full potential.


An access control system determines who is permitted to enter or exit, where they may exit or enter, and when they may enter or exit. Historically, this was accomplished in part through the use of keys and locks. When it comes to leveraging cutting-edge technology, access control is undoubtedly growing in popularity. Every new technology introduced allows for faster access control, which speeds up the entire process.

Reimagining the entire process using smartphones would allow for a more flexible process. The use of something as simple and quick as wave-and-go is thought to be on the rise. With careful consideration, this can easily be regarded as the most intuitive, fastest, and most robust mobile access technology.

Access Control Technologies

NFC – Near Field Communication 

Nowadays every phone has this feature, which allows data to be seamlessly transferred over short distances. As a result, with this feature, it was possible to facilitate automatic attendance marking or access control via smartphones. NFC uses GPS location or Wi-Fi to eliminate any organization’s hygiene concerns while maintaining the highest level of security.

Bluetooth based Technology

With the rapid advancement of technology, organizations are rapidly adopting the simplest methods to address security flaws. Several devices that offer gesture-based identification of users powered by this technology have emerged to thrive in a competitive market. Furthermore, it can easily enable communication up to a few meters. As a result, communication is safe and secure.

Smartphone-based Technology

Mobile access control is often powered by Bluetooth or NFC, which allows phones to communicate with a reader installed on a door. There’s no need to physically pair these devices. The smartphone automatically detects that it is close to a reader and starts communicating with the reader. On a specific intent from the user, the door unlocks seamlessly letting the person in. Bluetooth access has a notable advantage over standard RFID card technologies, which have an average read range of approximately an inch, while a secure Bluetooth connection can be established from a few feet away. Smartphones are very personal devices and are always with you all the time, so you are never locked out.

Benefits of Contactless Technology 

Timely completion

In comparison to other Time-Attendance and Access Control Systems, Wireless Attendance Machines that use contactless technologies have been shown to provide quick responses. Eliminate long lines and failed attempts with a simple wave or hover!


Because this technology is concerned with smartphone technicalities, the information is explicit. The rates of incorrect identification and misidentification may be lower.

Convenience for Users

Users are no longer required to carry a card to gain access to facilities; instead, they may use their mobile or wearable device. Because of highly intuitive features such as proximity-based access or intent-based access, users can gain quick and easy access to doors.

Why Spintly

Spintly delivers one of the best smartphone-based access control solutions in the industry with a seamless user experience. 

Employees may now use their smartphone, tablet, or wearable to access doors, gates, networks, and more using Spintly Smartphone-based access. In today’s mobile-first environment, this innovative access control solution dramatically enhances user convenience while also making your company seem more sophisticated and professional.