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Time and Attendance Management System Manages The Modern Workforce

An organization’s technique of recording employee time and attendance information is referred to as Time and Attendance Management System. When it comes to estimating your employee’s working hours, a precise attendance and time tracking system may save you time and effort.

Gone are the days when HR executives had to keep track of employee productivity using Excel sheets. Modern businesses rely on automated attendance systems, the most common of which are cloud-based. Due to several obstacles, such as the stress of manually entering payroll information, remote working, spending time preparing reports, and calculating wages based on working hours, the usage of a cloud-based time and attendance system is steadily expanding. With the emergence of the COVID-19, the need for attendance management software grew, even more, allowing remote workers to operate without having to invest in infrastructure.

The following are some of the advantages that time and attendance software may provide to your company:

  1. Reduce Errors

Time and attendance software eliminates the possibility of human mistakes and offers a simple, unbiased, and organised method of dealing with unique demands.

  1. Boost productivity and security

‘Buddy punching,’ the practice of one person clocking in and out for another, is eliminated using biometric data-gathering equipment. Because the process is smooth, productivity rises, making day-to-day operations more efficient and easy.

  1. Save money

By eliminating erroneous time reporting, buddy punching, absenteeism, tardiness, time abuse, and overpaying, a Time and Attendance solution with biometric devices will instantly assist decrease labour expenses. Manually collecting, managing, calculating, and processing time to complete payroll can take a long time, but with an automated Time and Attendance system, businesses can boost efficiency and save money in the long term.

  1. Cut down on absenteeism

Employee absenteeism has a significant influence on any company, and the best way to manage it is via a Time and Attendance system. Attendance must be managed, and absence must be minimised. The programme would allow a company to track absence rates and report on the causes. Absences are recorded so that the appropriate individuals are alerted, such as line managers, co-workers, payroll, and so on. The total number of absences may then be calculated and utilised as a management tool. This may be accomplished by identifying employees who have unusually high absence rates, analysing how absenteeism fluctuates by department, over time, and so on.

Workplace optimization becomes increasingly difficult as organisations grow more dynamic. Because of the increased usage of mobile devices, many flexible work hours occur outside of the office and even outside of typical business hours. Employees are increasingly working from home, from remote offices, and on the go. While this helps a company to be more efficient and adaptable, it may also make keeping track of employee work time difficult. Through complete reporting on attendance, absenteeism, overtime, flexitime, rostering, and holiday leave, Spintly Time and Attendance Management Software allows an organisation to gain a clear view of employee timekeeping.

Spintly Time and Attendance - Software Features

  • Attendance Reports – Generate real-time attendance reports and receive automated reports via e-mail or view the reports on the smartphone dashboard.
  • Shift Management – Create multiple shifts which can run in parallel and manage shifts using a shift roster with a user-friendly UI
  • Leave Management – Employees can request their leaves through their app and managers can instantly approve the same on their smartphones. 
  • Custom attributes – Create attributes relevant to your organization and generate custom reports as per your needs.


Benefits of Spintly Cloud-based Time & Attendance Management

Check-in through Phone

The cloud-based system allows you to check-in and out with the help of your smartphone. You do not need to carry another ID card or a key card.

Location Capture

While checking in through your smartphone, the app can also track your location and store it. The system administrator can locate you anytime with the information

Payroll Integrations

Syncs attendance data with third-party HRMS and Payroll software to streamline the payroll process

Leave and Absence Management

Employees can apply for leave through the app and the request can be viewed by their managers instantly. Once approved it can instantly get filled in the timesheet

Spintly all in all cloud-based time & attendance management system is safe, reliable, hassle-free, and accurate. With such a system, the whole process is optimized and digitized.