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Smart Access Control for Fitness and Wellness Facility

Gyms require a robust access control system for physical security. Nevertheless, gym and fitness facility door entry systems must be simple enough to allow for a constant flow of customers, allowing staff to focus on customer care rather than spending too much time watching who comes and goes. Turnstile and barrier systems, biometric and access card systems, and smartphone access are all common configurations.

Some gyms still utilise physical security barriers like turnstiles, although they’re becoming obsolete. They’re being replaced with contemporary, computerised access control, indicating that gyms are putting a greater emphasis on customer service. Gyms can take care of security while enabling members to feel protected, and they can also give a hassle-free check-in experience by using a smart access control system.

Whatever door entry system you use, it should make accessing the area straightforward and dependable for members. Certain sorts of technology can make life easier for employees, particularly those who work at the front desk. Access control may also be connected with your member directory to make it easier to check-in members, visitors, and deliveries, as well as manage shift work for workers. With real-time records and data on member behaviours, unlocks, and programmed door timers, smart access control also help gym owners or administrators to see how their areas are used. By giving insights into member habits, this data may assist owners and managers in significantly improve the services they provide. As a result, you’ll be able to develop the most successful reduced deals and promotional packages, as well as invest in the most profitable gym regions.

Smartphone-Based Access Control

Smartphones with access control apps are ideal for swiftly changing gym memberships, issuing time-limited passcodes for keypad readers, and enabling simple access to the areas and equipment that a member has paid for. Smartphones outperform many of the features of the weaker door entry systems described above, thanks to their ability to store a large quantity of information, lower probability of theft, and constant availability in the user’s hands.

Furthermore, mobile access solutions such as Spintly allow Smart unlocks, which may be incredibly useful for members who do not want to reach for their phone or key card in their purse. Users can simply open the app while approaching the entry and tap on the door to unlock it, creating an experience that distinguishes the company from its competitors.

Cloud-Based Access Control‍

Cloud access offers fitness facilities with an improved level of physical security. Some of the following door entry technologies, such as access cards, smartphone access can be linked into a cloud-based access control system. This can also allow control of numerous fitness facilities at the same time, which is useful for managing various locations. Gym personnel may use the information saved on access cards to identify visitors, confirm payment details, and manage membership rights. Furthermore, by using a member’s smartphone as an access tool, gyms may be able to avoid the additional costs associated with providing cards and fobs, which are frequently lost or stolen.

Why are more and more gyms using Spintly to control member access?

Spintly is well-known in the fitness sector for its flexibility and remote administration capabilities. You can quickly set up permissions for your gym members using Spintly, restricting how much time they can spend in the gym. You may also give them personalised access cards or even mobile access. Spintly’s contactless access provides an even safer environment for employees and members in a world where low-touch and zero-touch technologies are fast becoming the norm.

Spintly ensures that your area runs smoothly and safely.

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