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Occupancy Management with Access Control

As per the COVID-19 regulations, 6 feet distance between the employees should be maintained at all times in a workplace. Usually, access control was responsible for allowing access in and out of the building but with the current situation, there is a need to keep a check on the number of people inside a room at all times.

This feature is an inherent part of Occupancy Management supported by access control systems.

What is Occupancy Management?

It refers to the use of information about the number of visitors, present occupancy of the room, etc. received with the use of access control systems. This information is used to help in maintaining and controlling the visitor flow within a building and controlling the occupancy of venues with a limit on its capacity.

Occupancy Management without a modern Access Control System

Honestly, it is impossible to keep track of the visitor flow within a building when your workforce is large. Without a modern access control system, some common issues that arise are –

  • Incapable Traditional Access Control System – Passcode-based access control systems cannot keep track of the number of people going in and out of a room. Even a human workforce cannot effectively maintain the visitor flow without any error
  • Without a smart access control system in place, maintaining social distancing is impossible. You will not be able to handle the crowd safely without knowing the exact number

Why do you need an Access Control System for Occupancy Management?

Data collected through access control systems are stored in a database; this data includes information about the building like – “who is where and when”. Occupancy Management can generally be used for analyzing energy utilization in a building, maintenance, and building usage.

  • Social Distancing – There is a health risk associated with an overcrowded room or building during these times. To comply with the COVID-19 regulations, companies use the data acquired through access control systems to enforce occupancy limits within a room. At all times, maintaining safety and proper health hygiene is really important. Businesses are reopening by ensuring their employees of the safety measures taken by them.

          With an access control system and effective Occupancy Management in place, employees will be assured of their health

  • Cost-effective – Employing a human workforce to count the number of people going in and out of every room in a building is an expensive affair. With the rise in amenities within a building, like lounges, canteens, etc. it is difficult to assign security guards to all these locations. Therefore, access control systems make it easier and cheaper to manage crowd within the building
  • Remote Control – You can keep an eye on the current occupancy of your building without the need of being present there. With cloud-based data storage, you can get the real-time data of your building’s occupancy through the access control software

Spintly’s Smart Access Control Systems offers a hassle-free, contactless, and seamless access control experience. With its cloud-based access control systems, it also provides an Occupancy Management feature.



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