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How to manage the crowd with a contactless Turnstile Access Control

Contactless Turnstile Access

What is a Turnstile?

A turnstile is a mechanical gate that is used to control access at the entrance of a building, corporate lobby, stadiums, metro stations, etc. It provides a controlled entry and an exit by allowing only one person to pass at a time.

Turnstile Access Control System

You must have seen card-based access through a turnstile at any corporate building or a stadium.  Users scan their cards at the reader and the turnstile removes the barrier long enough to let a single person pass through. Turnstiles are an effective way to manage the crowd and prevent tailgating.

In the past year, many businesses have halted their operations, slowly they are resuming and are trying to bring their business on track. To ensure the safety of the employees, organizations are planning the shifts wisely and are shifting from contact-based access control to a touch-less access control system. The migration to a more secure system is the need of the hour.

Problems in the current system

Some of the common issues of the traditional turnstile access control systems are –

  •         COVID-19 Health Concerns – Biometric or keycard-based access through a turnstile poses a grave danger in spreading the virus. With hundreds of employees passing through and coming in contact with the same reader, the chances of contracting the coronavirus becomes high
  •         Difficulty in handling Crowd – Access card system requires employees to find and scan their cards, sometimes the reader takes time to authenticate and by then the crowd grows larger. In a multi-storeyed office, where thousands are working together, faster access is the only way to handle a large workforce. The access card system is slow in processing as compared to modern contactless technologies
  •         Keycard Issues – Lost or stolen keycards pose a threat to security. Revoking access to a stolen card takes time and by then damage may have already been done

If you are an organization using card-based turnstile access control systems, then it’s high time to switch to a more modern and secure access control system.

Why should you adopt a smartphone-based Turnstile Access Control System?

Organizations either big or small are focussing on strategic investing nowadays. With the most sought-after modern technology, Bluetooth Light Energy (BLE) Mesh, organizations are switching from card-based to smartphone-based access control systems.

The most prominent benefits of using smartphone-based Turnstile Access Control System are –

  •         Better Crowd Management – Smartphone-based access makes use of Bluetooth technology, they are faster and make the whole experience completely seamless. Users do not have to wait long for their turn. Just by waving your device near the reader, the turnstile unlocks
  •         Contactless Access – COVID-19 has changed the world we live in, providing a safer workplace to your employees is the primary objective. Smartphone-based access reduces the touchpoints and thereby reduces the risk of contracting the virus
  •         Reduced Cost – Cloud-based smart access control systems are completely wireless. Thus, organizations can cut down on the wiring cost and the labour cost significantly. You can save on the maintenance cost too with the wireless access control
  •         Faster Fault Detection – Since there are no internal wiring mechanisms, fault detection and maintenance become easy. Updating to the newer versions does not require any major hardware change

At Spintly, we offer the best-in-class modern turnstile access control solution. With the BLE-Mesh technology, our products offer the fastest and secure services. Our turnstile access control system allows access through a smartphone by unlocking the barrier within milliseconds of coming in required proximity with the reader.

We offer the best customer support services and promises you an easy migration from your current systems.