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Multi-Factor Authentication in Access Control

Multi-Factor Authentication in Access Control

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Multi-factor Authentication refers to security technology that requires more than one verification method to verify a user’s identity to gain access to an application, online account, or any asset like a door. Most often a two-factor authentication method is used.

Why is it necessary?

We are growing more and more dependent on technology, and this has resulted in an increase in the digital crime rate. According to a 2020 report, of all the data breaches around the world, 52% of the data breaches were due to hacking. Digital crimes, hacking, and fraud are spreading their way into our lives.

Multi-factor authentication aims to create a layered architecture that can prevent unauthorized access to any physical location, mobile apps, etc. Even if one factor is compromised, the attacker has to break through other factors as well, that is practically impossible.

Why do you need Multi-factor Authentication in Access Control?

One of the biggest shortfalls of card-based access or passcode-based access is that they can be easily shared or hacked. Once you lose your key/card or it gets stolen, the attacker can easily get access to your workplace or your home. The attacker can also guess your passcode through a brute-force attack

To prevent such mishaps, it is advisable to install Access Control with multi-factor authentication.

How MFA works in Access Control Systems?

Access Control is all about giving access to the right person, be it in a workplace, a parking space, or your home. You can restrict the people who can have physical access to your offices.

In a workplace, generally, employees carry access cards, use physical IDs or biometric authentication methods to gain access to the workplace. Combining two or more of these factors can create a layered security that will be difficult to breach. This layered security is multi-factor authentication.

Multi-factor authentication ensures that the person entering your workplace is the authorized one. Biometric systems are the most widely used layer of protection in access control systems as biometrics cannot be cloned.

The most common MFA combination used is – Password 🡪 Mobile device/ Keycard 🡪 Fingerprint or Retinal Scanner. You can use any number of combinations to add security to your workplace or residential complex.

Many co-working-space and residential complexes use 2-Factor Authentication. It is a subset of Multi-Factor Authentication with 2 authentication methods used for verification.

Why choose Spintly?

Spintly Multi-factor Authentication technology uses Biometric/Face Recognition/Password on your smartphone to secure Door Access. Spintly’s MFA provides additional layers of security to authenticate user identity. At the same time, the user identity credentials like the biometric data are safe with the user on their personal device.