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Access Control for Co-Working Spaces

Spintly Access Control for Coworking Space

Problems faced by Co-Workspaces

As the corporate world becomes more and more competitive, the utilization of resources effectively has become the priority. With the rising number of startups and small industries, the concept of co-working spaces is gaining ground. A co-working space is an area where people from different organizations work together. The working space does not belong to any specific company and is shared mutually among the employees of different companies.

With numerous people working under the same roof, fast and secure access is the primary requirement. Few challenges faced by co-workspaces are –

  • Expensive on-site physical security – Usually access in a co-workspace is managed by physical security. With a large number of co-workspace members, you would require a considerable number of guards who can provide seamless access to your members. Maintaining a large workforce of physical security is costly
  • Incompetent Keypad Security Systems – Traditional security systems like keypad entry systems are vulnerable to hacking and security pin theft. These systems can also not monitor the exact number of people entering or leaving the workspace
  • Keycard access control access systems – Keycard/ RFID access control systems are also prone to security vulnerabilities. With card theft, any unauthorized person can get access to the co-working area

Benefits of Access Control in Co-Workspaces

Your co-workspace needs to be flexible and secure for the people working in it. An integrated access control system with your workspace not only gives you control over your building but also ensures the workspace is easily accessible to the people working in it. Some of the benefits of having a smart access control for co-workspace are –

  • Safer workspace & quick tracking – Co-working spaces have people from different organizations working together; theft or physical damage to expensive gadgets and equipment lying around your desks unattended becomes a major challenge. To maintain security and track people entering and leaving the facility becomes easier with an access control system
  • Scalability – With cloud-based access control you can easily expand your access control services to your extended workspace. Wireless access control gives you the feasibility to switch your workspace to another location or a different floor without having to think about the locks and the security. You can easily grant or revoke access to any door, add more conference rooms, etc
  • No physical key required – Mostly the people working in the co-working spaces are tech-savvy millennials or the Gen-Z’s. For them not carrying any physical keys or a key card is a gift. They depend highly on their smartphones and a smart access control system empowers them more
  • Anytime Access – Members can access the workspace anytime they want without worrying about the opening or closing time or without any safety concern in mind
  • Visitor Management – When you have a large number of people visiting your space, access control systems can help you grant limited-time access to your visitors. After the stipulated time, their access is revoked. This feature ensures a contactless visitor experience

Why choose Spintly?

Spintly allows co-workspace managers to utilize the access control features efficiently by managing the physical access of the members remotely.

Why should you adopt Spintly – Smart Access Control System for your co-working space

  • Smartphone-based access – Members can access the workspace by using their smartphones. There is no need to carry any physical key or a keycard
  • Highly Flexible – You can control access to a different part of your workspace based upon the membership of the user. Instantaneous access can be granted to a member and similarly, access restrictions can also be imposed with just a click on your smartphone
  • Monetize access – Access to few amenities like conference rooms, video-conference rooms, breakout rooms, etc. can be monetized. Based upon the membership level of the user, access restrictions can be maintained
  • Visitor Management Integration – Can be integrated with your visitor management system, through which you can allow scheduled access to your visitors
  • Quick Onboarding – New members can be quickly onboarded by providing some basic details to the software and downloading the Smart Access application on their smartphones
  • Emergency access – In case of emergency, instant lockdown or unlock can be provided

Spintly is committed to providing you quick and secure access for authorized people while at the same time restricting access for unauthorized identities for your co-working space.