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Important Features of Access Control for Gyms and Fitness Centers

Gym and fitness center owners and managers are constantly looking for new ways to increase usage and traffic at their facilities while ensuring that customers in this post-pandemic world still feel safe and comfortable. 



A good physical security and access control system is one of the key requirements at a fitness center to provide safety, security, and convenience to the users. Door entry systems at gyms and fitness facilities must be simple enough to allow for a smooth flow of customers without compromising the safety and security of authorized users, and at the same time keeping unauthorized users out of the facility. 

Access Control with Key Fobs or Access Badges

Regardless of industry, key fobs and access badges are one of the most commonly-used methods of access control. Gym members receive key fobs which they tap on the access control reader to gain access to the facility. These are often coupled with gates, flap barriers, or doors with electrified locks. Key fob access control methods have been used for a long time as simple, cost-effective, and practical means to allow entry to a gym or fitness center. 

The major drawback of this method is that it is not the most secure means of access control as key fobs can be lost, stolen, or even shared by users. Several key fobs and badges currently used in the market can be easily replicated, thus compromising the security of the facility.

Biometrics Access Control

One of the more advanced choices for access control is a biometric-based system to grant access to the premises. A biometric access control system identifies a person based on their unique traits. Fingerprint, face recognition, iris scan, and palm recognition are a few examples of biometric methods used for access control. 

The main advantage of these systems is that they are highly secure. It is nearly impossible for two people to have the same physical characteristics, and hence very difficult for someone to impersonate another person to gain access.

Smartphone-based Access

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, and smartphone-based access is a convenient and easy-to-use option for any gym or fitness center. We have our smartphones with us 24/7, so gym members don’t need to carry an extra key card or fob with them when they visit the gym. The contactless access control system supports smartphone-based access or wearable device-based door access and makes the lives of the staff who manages gym member access much simpler. Access permissions can be easily managed without the hassle of issuing physical key cards or fobs.

Top Benefits of Access Control for Gyms

The advantages of access control systems for gyms and fitness facilities are difficult to overlook while looking for security systems. Consider these benefits that access control systems can provide your organization:

Contactless Entry

These days, it’s crucial for gyms to secure their customers’ wellness at entry and exit. Fitness facilities are preferring to stay away from access points that force their clients to contact surfaces and risk becoming sick. With smartphone-based access control systems, members can enter and exit the building without touching any surfaces.

Superior Security

Businesses like gyms and fitness facilities are at risk of physical security concerns. For instance, they face the risk of theft, vandalism, and trespassing, in addition to an unauthorized entrance. It is crucial for business owners to install a top-notch security system. By doing this, trespassers may be discouraged from attempting to enter.

Integration with Existing Software

One of the top benefits of using access control systems at your gym is that it allows easy entry. Access control systems integrate with your existing gym software. A single software system can be used to access and record the information of members. Members can simply use their smartphones to access the facility when they arrive. Also, if you have membership restrictions such as specific hours for certain members, your access control system will enable or disable entry accordingly.

Access at any Moment

Some gyms provide members with 24-hour access, but only have on-site personnel during specified hours. Your access control system will operate as an automatic security guard, allowing or denying entry after hours, on holidays, and on other occasions.


Hiring a 24-hour security guard might be prohibitively expensive for your gym or fitness center. By permitting a digital security system rather than a full-fledged security team, access control solutions can help save money on security expenditures, resulting in lower overhead costs.

Integrated Time and Attendance Requirements

Did you know that many access control systems have a time and attendance feature? This enables your trainers and other employees to effortlessly check in and out of shifts as they enter and exit the facility. The best aspect is that it is simple to integrate with your back-end systems, allowing you to constantly have real-time data on your employees’ shifts.

Multiple Location Access

Many gyms and fitness centers have multiple locations,  requiring a multi-site security system that can be managed remotely from a single location. The cloud solution for access control systems enables multi-location gyms to use an integrated security system with a single off-site server. This makes it much easier for the company to monitor security at all of its locations.

The most important aspect of access control is that your location is safe and easy to manage, and the access experience is seamless. Spintly handles this for you, giving you peace of mind.

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