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Spintly Modules

SPNYL01-X and SPNYH01-X are powerful, highly flexible, wireless mesh networking modules using Nordic SoCs. Designed for high data rate in the 2.4GHz ISM band with an ARM Cortex M4 MCU, available 512KB flash, 128KB RAM, power amplifier (SPNYH01), and an integrated 2.4GHz antenna or an optional uFL connector with everything on a very compact footprint. It allows developers to take full advantage of the SoCs by making all its I/O available via SMD pads.
Ready with Spintly’s IOT platform stack, developers can reduce the time-to-market for their products using the resources and documentation available on the Developer portal.
Wireless Module High Efficiency
SPNYH01-x 2.4GHz Long Range Wireless Module

Product Information

SPNYH01-C and SPNYH01-E 2.4GHz Long Range Wireless Module

SPNYL01-P and SPNYL01-E 2.4GHz High Efficiency Wireless Module

Product Information

Model No. Antenna Module
SoC Flash/RAM
SPNYBT01 PCB Antenna nrf52832-QFAA 512kb/64kb
SPNYBT02 Chip Antenna nrf52832-QFAA 512kb/64kb
  •  4 dBm maximum output power
  • Range of communication up to 15m
  •  32 bits ARM® Cortextm-M4 @ 16MHz
  • 2.4GHz multi-protocol transceiver
  • 64KB SRAM ➢ 512KB Flash
  • 25 General Purpose I/O pins
  • One 32 and two 16-bit timers with counter mode
  • 20 channel CPU independent Programmable Peripheral Interconnect (PPI)
  • Encryption -128-bit AES ECB/CCM/AAR co-processor
  • RNG, RTC
  • Temperature sensor
  • Digital interfaces SPI Master/Slave, 2-wire Master (I2C compatible), UART
  •  Quadrature decoder
  • 12bit 200KSPS ADC – 8 configurable channels
  • -96dBm sensitivity
  •  Integrated 32.768 kHz sleep crystal
  •  Beacons
  •  Bluetooth Gateway
  •  RTLS (Real-Time Location System)
  • Smart Indoor/Outdoor Lighting
  • Smart Access Control system
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