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Integration with Spintly Smart Access Control made simpler. Easily Integrate the Spintly Smart Access control system with your favourite apps and software, without having to toggle between multiple devices and software.

Spintly Integration

Designed to work together seamlessly, spintly Smart Access control provides you with the Integration capabilities you need, from the simplest to the most challenging.


Zoho's integration with Spintly streamlines your business by:

- Tailoring solutions to your needs and visualizing data effectively. - Enhancing customer experiences and loyalty. - Automating tasks like sales and billing for better customer focus. - Strengthening business flexibility and remote work efficiency. Requirements: Zoho and Spintly Software.


Spintly's Okta integration

Simplifies user management, enhancing security and compliance auditing for remote admins. Benefits include grouped door management, synchronized event logging across locations, team creation via email access, and consolidated billing. Requirements: Spintly and Okta Accounts.


Struggling to automate access management?

Integrate Google Workspace with Spintly to: - Import, sync, and manage Google Workspace users seamlessly. - Establish permission-controlling Groups and automate access schedules. - Revoke access automatically if users leave the Workspace group. - Activate Single Sign-On (SSO) for administrators. Requirements: Spintly and Google Workspace Accounts.


Sync your HR and IT seamlessly with GreytHR integration by Spintly.

Enjoy benefits like accurate payroll processing, easy payslip disbursement, access to leave balances, real-time attendance capture, digital employee record management, and HR letter generation. Requirements: GreytHR Software, Spintly Access Control Account.


Enhance door access for your workforce by integrating Slack and Spintly.

Enable employees to unlock doors conveniently through Slack, catering to remote staff, deliveries, maintenance, and overtime workers. Benefits include chat-based door unlocking, remote building access, tailored Slack-based permissions, and hassle-free door unlocking for visitors and deliveries.


Simplify user management and enhance security with Spintly's Microsoft Active Directory integration.

Benefit from grouped door management, synchronized event logging, team creation through email access, and consolidated billing for multiple locations. Requirements: Spintly Account, Microsoft Active Directory.


Easily integrate Spintly smart access control with your existing Honeywell Pro-Watch system and camera infrastructure.

The system’s intelligent vision capabilities ensure that your facility is safe while easing your building operations. This Integration allows you to: Integrate easily, keeping your existing Access Control and hardware infrastructure. Unlock doors directly through the management system with recognition software that identifies a person instantly. Import and export all Personnel from Honeywell Pro-Watch to Spintly, including group import.


Spintly integrates with Eagle Eye Networks for a unified cloud-based security solution.

This combo offers seamless access control and video surveillance for modern offices and multifamily buildings. Benefits include improved incident response, streamlined monitoring, remote security management, and cost savings from unified surveillance and access control. Requirements: Spintly, Eagle Eye Networks.

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