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How Smart Access Control Systems Enriches Employee Experience

Your employee’s definition of how is it like to work for the company paves way for how good your business outcomes are going to be. Employee experience is a term that not only denotes the perquisites and the salaries that the employees receive but also how working for your company makes them feel. It includes everything from amenities to infrastructure and from security to safety.

A recent study by Deloitte shows that almost 80% of executives worldwide consider “Employee Experience” as very important. A good employee experience goes a long way in increasing your business. With the help of Smart Access Control Systems, you can help enhance the work environment for your employees.

Let us take you through the reasons why you should install a smart access control system!

5 Reasons why you should install a smart Access Control System

  • Employees feel secure – Security is the priority when it comes to employee’s safety. A smart access control system ensures that there are no unwanted visitors inside a workplace. In a coworking space, gadgets and equipment lying around the desks all the time. It is essential to monitor the visitors coming inside the building. When the employees are ensured of their safety, they tend to work more attentively
  • Safety during COVID-19  – Smartphone-based access control systems eliminate the need to come in direct contact with the readers. Reduction in touchpoints also ensured the safety of employees from contracting the virus. Contact tracing also becomes easy with smart access control. So if any employee shows any symptoms, it becomes easy to identify the people he/ she came in contact with, hence increasing the safety measure
  • Employees want a tech-savvy workplace – There are hundreds of videos on the internet showing smart and digitally equipped workplaces. Employee engagement increases with the level of satisfaction they derive while working. A smart access control system empowers the employee to seamless access to their workplace. They are not required to carry any physical key and the key is in their pockets digitally. Smartphone-based access control systems provide a hassle-free experience to the people working
  • No more long wait for authorization – Sometimes employees have to book a conference room or a video-con hall for a meeting or a presentation. Usually, they are required to mail the IT team 3 to 5 days in advance to ask for access and also send them reminders in case the mail is not acknowledged. This is a tiresome process and many a time can leave the employee irritated. With a smart access control system authorization can be given by the authority with a single click on their smartphones
  • Convenient Parking Experience with smartphone-based access control – With mobile credentialing access, employees do not have to stop and show their IDs to a security guard. They can get easy access by showing their smartphones to the reader

In a nutshell, enhancing employee experience is the management’s responsibility and hence working on the infrastructure is the first step.

Spintly believes in creating and maintaining relationships. We understand how important your employees are to you. So to help you maintain their engagement level we offer BLE-Mesh enabled smart access control systems for your building. They are fast, secure, and reduces the need for wirings within your building.