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Wireless Access Solutions for Main Door Access, Club House and Elevator Access at Prestige Westwoods

Software Solutions: Access Management, Elevator Access, Fire Doors

Hardware Solutions: UNO and Gateway and Mesh IO for Fire Integration

Prestige WestWoods is an elegantly designed home with a seamless blend of sophistication, comfort, and style. The project is generously landscaped with a fully featured clubhouse, modern amenities, and best-in-class supporting civic amenities. Spintly Access control was deployed in the residential multi-dwelling community to streamline resident access.

Smart, Integrated Access for Smart Residential Buildings
Elevator Access
Elevator Access
Spintly Smart Phone based access
Smartphone Based Access
Cloud Based Access

Case Study

The Problem and Challenges

  • Control Unauthorised Access
  • Track Visitor Inflow and Access
  • Access Restrictions to Designated Areas
  • Access Security Concerns
  • Managing On-Site Systems was time-consuming¬†
  • Difficulty in functionality and ease of access

The Solution

  • Smartphone and card-based access
  • Elevator Access
  • Cloud-based solution that offered greater flexibility
  • Exceptional user experience for both residents and visitors.
  • Wireless Access solutions
  • Fire Integration for Safety Purposes
  • Cost-effective solutions¬†