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Spintly Aura

The new sleek Spintly AURA readers enables access with a click, tap or wave.


Mobile Access

Mobile Access

Spintly offers mobile-based access control, improving security and user experience in modern settings.

Mobile Access:
Click Access
Tap Access
Mobile NFC Access
Wave to Access

Card Based Access

Card Access

Spintly offers Mifare NFC credentials for access control, and Gen-2 hardware will soon support Prox credentials, enabling seamless transitions between card technologies to cater to diverse user needs and enhance access control solutions.

Remote Access

Remote Access

Spintly's app enables secure global access, letting you unlock doors from anywhere. With Spintly remote access, you gain control over entrances using your smartphone, ensuring convenience and security.

Features and Benefits

BLE Mesh Connectivity gateway

BLE Mesh connectivity to Gateway

Spintly AURA features Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Mesh connectivity to a central gateway. This technology allows seamless and efficient communication between access control devices, ensuring secure and reliable connections within your access control system. With BLE Mesh, devices can communicate with one another over an extended range, enhancing the overall performance and coverage of your access control network.
Wide Input Operating Voltage

Wide Input operating voltage

Spintly AURA is designed to accommodate a wide range of input voltages, providing flexibility in its installation and compatibility with various electrical systems. This feature ensures that the access control system can be easily integrated into different environments, whether they have high or low voltage power sources.
Retrofit Legacy

Retrofit with legacy controllers

One of Spintly AURA’s strengths is its ability to seamlessly retrofit with existing legacy access control systems. This means that businesses and organizations can upgrade their security infrastructure without the need for a complete overhaul. It offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for modernizing access control technology.
No Internet Required

No internet required for access

Spintly AURA provides secure access control without the need for a continuous internet connection. This feature ensures that access to your premises remains reliable even in situations where internet connectivity may be intermittent or unavailable. It enhances the system’s resilience and accessibility.
Cloud based access management

Cloud based access management

Spintly AURA leverages cloud-based access management, allowing administrators to control and monitor access remotely from a centralized dashboard. This feature provides real-time access control management, enabling you to grant or revoke access permissions, track user activity, and receive alerts and notifications from anywhere with internet access.
Adjustable operational distance for Mobile credential access

Adjustable operational distance for Mobile credential access

Spintly AURA offers the flexibility to adjust the operational distance for mobile credential access. This means that administrators can fine-tune the range at which mobile devices, equipped with the appropriate credentials, can gain access to secured areas. This feature provides precise control over the proximity required for authentication, enhancing security and convenience.
Long-Range BLE Radio

Long-Range BLE Radio

The FI-B Gateway is equipped with a long-range BLE radio, which means it can communicate with BLE devices over an extended distance. This feature is particularly valuable for covering larger areas or ensuring reliable communication in environments with obstacles or interference.

Product Information

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