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5 Ways to Create Safer Visitor Experiences for Residential and Commercial Spaces

Safe Visitor Management

On the surface, visitor management appears straightforward, but it entails more than simply greeting and directing people to their destinations. As soon as they enter the property, visitors are expected to provide identification and the name of the person they are scheduled to see. In some cases, they may be asked to sign an NDA or other documentation and wait for a name badge. This time-consuming procedure typically takes valuable time away from your front-desk employees, causes congestion in the reception area, and can lead to a negative guest experience.

Visitor management systems could be a great solution for people trying to create a safer visitor experience in residential and commercial spaces. When one thinks of a visitor management system, one thinks of a pen and paper approach with a stack of ledgers in the security area, followed by the conventional practice of having a receptionist at the front desk to personally greet and assist guests with check-in. The situation has changed dramatically in recent years, as properties have adjusted to a new normal following the COVID-19 crisis. Going digital is no longer an option; it is now a requirement to administer visitor Management systems online in order to make residences and business spaces safer for both visitors and hosts.

Implementing a contactless and paperless visitor management system in residential complexes and businesses is now as simple as scanning a QR code or entering a pin on our smart phones to check in a gate or door. Above and above, guests can be assured of a warm greeting in the absence of a smiling host in a more convenient, quick, and secure manner. A virtual visitor registration system improves visibility, security, and the ability to provide satisfactory service to guests.

There are various ways to create safer visitor experiences for residential and commercial spaces. Let us now discuss 5 ways to create a safer visitor experience with the help of a visitor management system.

Contactless and Touchless Visitor Management System

Implementing a contactless and paperless visitor management system into residential and business places is an excellent approach to make hosts feel secure. It complies with the majority of the government’s COVID-19 protocols and provides a level of security not only in terms of pandemic safety but also in terms of hygiene. A virtual visitor registration system improves visibility, security, and the ability to provide satisfactory service to visitors and host

Strengthened Security

By implementing an integrated cloud-based access control and visitor management system, the entire visitor’s information, including their photo, will be logged online once they check in at a door using their smartphone. This allows the building administrator to keep track of every visitor’s movement and current location within the property. This ensures total end-to-end security of not only the visitor but also the people on the premises, making for a safer experience.

Time Optimization and Better Management

Using a powerful visitor management system, hosts may book appointments and meetings in advance, allowing for a hassle-free and rapid check-in process at the front desk for the visitors. Avoiding delays at the front desk saves time for both the guests and the hosts, contributing to enhanced productivity. This saves both parties time while also ensuring everyone’s safety.

Restricted and authorized access

Visitor management systems allow the management to customize and allow restricted access to the visitors only to the places that they need to visit. This feature also extends to authorizing access for a limited amount of time. This ensures security on the premises, as the visitors will be only allowed to enter spaces that they have authorized access to, for a fixed amount of time, and avoid unnecessary interaction with anyone they don’t need to get in touch with.

Data and Privacy Protection

Whether it’s a customer, a delivery person, a relative, or a friend, everyone values their privacy. An online visitor check-in process will protect personal information such as the visitor’s name, phone number, email address, and the reason for their visit, among other things. Because visitors cannot see a written log of other individuals who have been before them, a digital check-in system is recommended over a traditional paper-based check-in system.

Summing Up

Companies today offer contactless visitor management solutions to assist commercial and residential buildings to log and track the visitors at their premises. They are going a step ahead by integrating VMS with smart access control systems, to ensure that only the right people are in the right place. Using VMS, guests can enter the designated venue, meet specific people, and complete their scheduled agenda in a secure and professional manner. To summarize, putting in place an effective visitor management system benefits both visitors and hosts.


Rohin Parkar, Co-founder and CEO, Spintly

Media Link: https://www.pcquest.com/5-ways-create-safer-visitor-experiences-residential-commercial-spaces/