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A Smartphone-based access system to manage users and access at a Residential Property

Skyi Songsbird is one of the luxury residential properties spread over 43 acres of lush greenery, alongside a natural water stream. It has been blessed with good rainfall, joyous summers, and hill-station-like winters. Songbirds are on Paud Road, Bhugaon, marking the beginning of natural beauty-laden territories. It’s close to the city and closer to nature. Songbirds offers a best-in-class lifestyle with premium and luxurious apartments and villas.

Smart, Integrated Door Access for Smart Residential Buildings
Card/Badges Credentials
Card Based Access
Biometric Access
Biometric Access
Spintly Smart Phone based access
Smartphone Based Access
Cloud Based Access

Case Study

Main Requirements

  • Easy to implement – a plug-and-play system which is cost-effective
  • System with reduced touch points
  • Facilitates access card authentication.
  • Remote door opening feature for residents for guests
  • Easy system to manage users and access.
  • Easy reports to review access history

The Solution

  • Cloud-based access control system
  • Competitive price
  • Easy-to-use system
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Tenants are willing to pay an extra amount of rent after installation.
  • Better resale value of the flats

Hardware Provided

  • 3 In One Device 
  • Wifi Gateway