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Case Study – Prestige WestWoods

Wireless Access Solutions for Main Door Access, Club House and Elevator Access at Prestige Westwoods Software Solutions: Access Management, Elevator Access, Fire Doors Hardware Solutions: UNO and Gateway and Mesh IO for Fire Integration Prestige WestWoods is an elegantly designed home with a seamless blend of sophistication, comfort, and style. The project is generously landscaped […]

Case Study – Skyi Songsbird

A Smartphone-based access system to manage users and access at a Residential Property Skyi Songsbird is one of the luxury residential properties spread over 43 acres of lush greenery, alongside a natural water stream. It has been blessed with good rainfall, joyous summers, and hill-station-like winters. Songbirds are on Paud Road, Bhugaon, marking the beginning […]

Access Control for your Residential Complex

Access Control System for Residential

Access Control for your Residential Complex “Home is a place where one should feel secure and comfortable.” ~Catherine Pulsifer Residents want to live carefreely and feel safe around their building complex. The job of the property manager is not limited to provide a lavish house, gym, parking places, and other amenities, it is also his […]